Promoting safe travel

Vulnerabilities of children and young people

Road trauma is the leading cause of accidental death for children and young people in NSW as they are vulnerable road users.

Share with your school community the vulnerabilities of children in the traffic environment to raise awareness of why children need to be closely supervised.

Road safety is everyone's responsibility

Parents and carers are a child's first teacher and are
responsible for modelling safe road user behaviours because they copy what they do.

It is important to share road safety information so parents and carers can reinforce the safe behaviours and practise the road safety messages by talking about it when out and about with their children.

We all need to reinforce and practice:

  • using safe travel routes
  • modelling how to be a safe road user
  • always following road rules and the road signs
  • creating safer environments
  • assisting students to become independent travellers.

Road safety advice to share with parents and carers

Resources that can assist with your messaging:
  • Department's Parent and carer hub about safe travel
  • Champs of getting to school safely videos
  • Transport for NSW's Keeping our children Safe information

A variety of communication strategies can be used to share this information with parents and carers such as in the school newsletter, website, social media, assemblies, enrolment packages and community meetings.

Champs of getting to school safely

Help keep all children safe when travelling to and from school, be a champ of #Getting to School Safely.

Watch and share these two videos, one for primary and one for high school champs with your school community.

Who is a #gettingtoschoolsafely champ at your school?

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