Stronger together

A Stage 4 integrated unit.

Consider the following questions when adapting or developing teaching and learning units.

  • What key messages do you want students to take away?
  • Why does this learning matter?

The following sample resource can be adapted by teachers to suit the individual needs of their students. Use these resources to plan and deliver PDHPE. They are suitable for the PDHPE K-10 syllabus (2018).

Resource content

Students will:

  • develop skills and strategies to support inclusivity as an individual and also within the school and wider community
  • apply these skills in a number of settings and develop empathy for marginalised groups in the community
  • use advocacy skills to improve the wellbeing of these individuals.

The practical component utilises the concept of T.E.D Games - that is Traditional, Emerging, and Disability Games.

Note: This unit was developed by PDHPE staff at Macarthur Girls HS.


PDPHE K-10 Syllabus (2018) © NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) for and on behalf of the Crown in right of the State of New South Wales

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