Targeted Early Numeracy (TEN)

Image: Targeted Early Numeracy (TEN)
Authors -
Evaluator company The National Literacy and Numeracy Evidence Base – National Partnerships
Year 2013
Classification Other evidence
Study type Pre-post study
Evaluation type Both process and outcome


The aim of the evaluation was to assess the effectiveness of TEN at enabling teachers to assist Foundation/Kindergarten to Year 2 students' numeracy skills through small group instruction and explicit teaching strategies. Program participants were monitored using measures of student progress against the kindergarten, year 1 and year 2 targets and multiple data collections were made to monitor the proportion of students at risk of not achieving minimum grade expectations in number skills. The program resulted in an overall reduction of 60 per cent of students considered at risk.


  • Evaluation evidence bank

Business Unit:

  • Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation
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