Evaluation of the Galuwa scholarship program

Image: Galuwa scholarship program evaluation
Authors Tim Gorrod, Louise Taggart, Meg Dione-Rodgers, Dr Susan Harriman, Dr Nadine Smith
Evaluator company Quality Assurance Team, Policy, Planning and Reporting Unit, NSW Department of Education
Year 2014
Classification Other evidence
Study type Pre-post study
Evaluation type Outcome


This report reviews the aims of the Galuwa scholarship program and assesses the impact of the program on students' educational achievement, cultural knowledge, self-confidence and career knowledge and pathways. The report also investigates the role and impact of the key strategies of the program: action plans, individual tuition and career aspiration hubs. A multi-method approach was employed to evaluate the impact of the Galuwa scholarship program. Quantitative methods include analysis of NAPLAN data, as well as analysis of survey data of students and staff. Qualitative methods include a review of program documents, interviews with key stakeholders, observation of activities and open-ended questions included in the surveys of students and staff. The evaluation found that the scholarship was a highly motivating factor for students, with different aspects of the program being most powerful for different students.


  • Evaluation evidence bank

Business Unit:

  • Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation
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