National Partnership on Literacy and Numeracy: report of the program evaluation of Accelerated Literacy

Image: National Partnership on Literacy and Numeracy: Report of the Program Evaluation of Accelerated Literacy
Authors Meg Dione-Rodgers, Susan Harriman and Barry Laing
Evaluator company Program Evaluation Unit, Student Engagement and Program Evaluation Bureau (SEPEB), NSW Department of Education
Year 2012
Classification Other evidence
Study type Pre-post study
Evaluation type Both process and outcome


This report presents findings from the evaluation of the Accelerated Literacy program in 28 schools, many with a high proportion of Aboriginal students. The evaluation included stakeholder interviews, site visits, an online survey and analysis of administrative and student achievement data. The significant finding of this evaluation is that Accelerated Literacy delivered positive effects for students, teachers and real benefits for school communities.


  • Evaluation evidence bank

Business Unit:

  • Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation
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