Review of Bravehearts' Ditto's Keep Safe Adventure

Image: Review of Bravehearts' Ditto's Keep Safe Adventure review
Authors Susan Rudland, Lee Holloway, Daniel Collins and Diane Fase
Evaluator company Urbis
Year 2013
Classification Other evidence
Study type Expert opinion
Evaluation type Both process and outcome


This report presents an evaluation of the Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure (DKSA) pilot program. DKSA is a 30-minute presentation designed to teach children aged between 5 and 8 years old protective behaviours in a fun, engaging and non-confrontational manner. The evaluation employed a mixed methodology, including the use of online surveys, telephone interviews and face-to-face discussions with school staff and parents. The authors concluded that DKSA was broadly aligned with current NSW DOE curriculum content and that it increased students’ knowledge and awareness of key child protection messages. The cost-effectiveness of DKSA, however, was noted to be a barrier to an upscaling of the program in its current form.


  • Evaluation evidence bank

Business Unit:

  • Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation
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