Evaluation of the Cluster Management Trial

Image: Evaluation of the Cluster Management Trial
Authors Julie People, Natalie Johnston-Anderson
Evaluator company Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation, NSW Department of Education
Year 2017
Classification Silver
Study type Quasi-experimental
Evaluation type Both process and outcome


The purpose of the evaluation was to ascertain how the trial had been implemented by the four cluster management providers with 40 preschools, and whether it resulted in improvements to preschool management and service quality. Data was gathered through: interviews with management committee members, preschool directors and staff and analysis of quarterly reports from cluster management providers; and a comparison of National Quality Standard (NQS) ratings for the preschools participating in the trial with a control group of preschools. Overall, cluster management was considered a positive initiative by those involved. Preschool governance, time management and professional development were generally reported to improve during the trial.


  • Evaluation evidence bank

Business Unit:

  • Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation
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