Local Schools, Local Decisions evaluation: final report

Image: Local Schools, Local Decisions final evaluation report
Authors Andrew Griffiths, Ian Watkins, Emily Chew, Sasindu Gamage and Natalie Johnston-Anderson
Evaluator company
Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation
Other evidence
Study type
Pre-post study
Evaluation type


This final evaluation report examined the impact of the Local Schools, Local Decisions (LSLD) education reform. Quantitative and qualitative methods were used to identify changes in student outcomes, school spending, school management and decision-making that could be attributed to LSLD. The report drew on a wide range of data, including student performance data (NAPLAN Reading and Numeracy, HSC completion and results), survey data (the Tell Them from Me student survey and CESE principal survey), school system finance data, and interviews with school and department staff. Key findings were that since the introduction of LSLD, there has been no overall improvement on student outcomes measured in the evaluation. Key learnings were that the department needs to provide guidance for schools on effective ways to improve school and student outcomes, and effective financial and administrative processes and tools, to support schools to be accountable for making funding decisions based on evidence and its impact on outcomes.


  • Evaluation evidence bank

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  • Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation
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