Evaluation of Aboriginal Communities Development Program: summary report

Image: Evaluation of Aboriginal Communities Development Program: summary report
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Evaluator company Robyn Kennedy Consultants Pty Ltd
Year 2011
Classification Unclassified
Study type Pre-post study
Evaluation type Both process and outcome


The ACDP was a 13-year capital works program (1998-2011) designed to raise environmental health and living standards in 70 Aboriginal communities in NSW. Evaluation of the ACDP was undertaken in two stages: a 10-year review that focused on planning, governance and delivery (completed August 2008), followed by an assessment of the local social and economic impacts in six communities (completed September 2010). The evaluation estimates that the capital works successfully raised the living standards of up to 10,000 Aboriginal people. In addition, 230 community members engaged in a TAFE course under the program, yielding significant personal and community benefits. The outcome, full completion of TAFE qualifications, was 37% for building trades and 17% for non-building trades. The evaluation made recommendations about future employment and training programs and discussed some critical issues relating to ACDP program planning, policy, governance and implementation.


  • Evaluation evidence bank

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  • Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation
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