Low SES School Communities Smarter Schools National Partnership: Evaluation of school external partnerships - Bridges and Barriers, the challenges of building external partnerships in low SES school communities, progress report 5

Image: Evaluation of school external partnerships: Bridges and Barriers, progress report 5
Authors Louise Watson, Jenny Chesters, Affrica Taylor, Adam Murray, Stephen Lamb, Michael Long, Merryn Davies and Esther Doecke
Evaluator company University of Canberra and University of Melbourne
Year 2014
Classification Unclassified
Study type -
Evaluation type Process


This report presents survey data on teachers’ perceptions of the effectiveness of external partnerships undertaken by their schools under the low socioeconomic status school communities National Partnership (Low-SES NP). Survey participants were from 636 schools in both government and non-government sectors with a total of 2,408 respondents. Survey findings indicate that the Low-SES NP has had a positive impact on low-SES schools’ capacity to engage with parents and carers and the wider community on a number of indicators. The findings also indicate that levels of school-parent engagement in secondary schools remain lower than in primary schools, and that teachers’ perceptions of the impact of the Low-SES NP differs, according to their age, length of service in their current school, and their professional role.


  • Evaluation evidence bank

Business Unit:

  • Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation
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