Language, Learning and Literacy (L3) in the early years

Image: Language, Learning and Literacy (L3) in the early years
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Evaluator company Erebus International
Year 2013
Classification Other evidence
Study type Expert opinion
Evaluation type Outcome


The Language, Learning, Literacy program evaluation aimed to determine whether teachers who undertook professional learning from a qualified trainer developed improved techniques for planning and delivering instruction to small groups and classes. The methodology measured student improvement levels by using students’ end-of-year data gathered from the previous year’s cohort at each school, and compared it with the data of current students and their progress over a school year. The authors stated that the program achieved its goals of: 50 per cent of all students reading and writing above end-of-year expectations and only 20 per cent of students reading and writing below end-of-year expectations.


  • Evaluation evidence bank

Business Unit:

  • Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation
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