National Partnership on Literacy and Numeracy: evaluation of Taking Off With Numeracy

Image: National Partnership on Literacy and Numeracy: Evaluation of Taking Off With Numeracy
Authors Alison Wallace, Ania Wilczynski, Chloe Harkness, Amanda McAtamney
Evaluator company Urbis
Year 2012
Classification Silver
Study type Quasi-experimental
Evaluation type Both process and outcome


This evaluation set out to determine the effectiveness of the numeracy program, TOWN and the extent to which it met the goals of delivering evidence based teaching strategies in numeracy, strong school leadership and whole school engagement. TOWN was implemented in 41 schools around NSW for Years 3-6 students. The evaluation involved school visits, an online survey of teachers, stakeholder interviews, and an analysis of student outcome data. The evaluation clearly demonstrated that TOWN had a positive impact on schools and delivered numeracy outcomes for teachers and, in some cases, students.


  • Evaluation evidence bank

Business Unit:

  • Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation
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