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Document title
Last updated
Document title Budget Policy
PD-2006-0354 This policy has been rescinded since 20/04/2020.
Implemented 20/11/2006
Last Updated 20/04/2020


Document title
Last updated
PD-2021-0475-V01.1.0 Direction and guidance for schools on managing State Consolidated Fund (Fund 6100) and Consolidated Fund Carry Forward (Fund 6101).
Implemented 22/04/2021
Last Updated 14/11/2022
Contact Refer to section 6


Document title
Last updated
Document title Ex-Gratia Payments
PD/2005/0266/V01 This policy has been rescinded.
Implemented 01/07/2003
Last Updated 05/03/2018


Document title
Last updated
Document title Financial Management Staff only
PD-2020-0472-V01.0.0 Direction and guidance on the financial management requirements of the department.
Implemented 20/04/2020
Last Updated 05/04/2023
Contact Finance Manager, Financial Controlling, Finance Directorate 0278141036
Document title Repurpose funds (PDF 550 KB) Staff only
Document title Annual financial statements (PDF 352 KB) Staff only


Document title
Last updated
PD-2011-0423-V02.0.1 This policy applies to all NSW Government preschool classes. It outlines the general principles governing the fee processes, as well as information on collecting fees, fee relief and/or exemption.
Implemented 27/01/2012
Last Updated 16/12/2022
Document title Procurement Staff only
PD-2005-0294-V04.0.3 The NSW Department of Education is committed to ensuring value for money when procuring goods, services and works to deliver education to the people of NSW.
Implemented 10/11/2010
Last Updated 29/10/2021
Contact Procurement Policy Manager 0278143702
Document title 02. Finance in Schools Handbook (FISH) Staff only
Document title Purchasing Card
PD-2016-0469-V01.2.1 To enable the implementation of a flexible, efficient and cost effective method of purchasing business related goods and services as an alternative to traditional purchase-to-pay processes.
Implemented 22/02/2016
Last Updated 08/08/2022
Contact Refer to section 6


Document title
Last updated
PD-2012-0430-V01.0.1 This policy has been developed to optimise the departmental working capital and provide clear and equitable terms of business for our suppliers.
Implemented 01/01/2012
Last Updated 30/06/2020
Contact Director, Finance, Shared Services 0286331699
PD-2005-0233-V01.1.0 Outlines the criteria for schools to request voluntary school contributions that may be made by parents and carers to enhance educational programs.
Implemented 13/12/1995
Last Updated 15/11/2021
Contact Refer to section 6
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