Records Management Program

A planned, coordinated set of corporate policies, procedures and systems to manage the records of the Department in compliance with State records legislation and in accordance with the Department’s own business needs.

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2017 Mar - policy made publicly available.

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  1. Policy statement
    1. Records management program
      The records management program is to consist of a planned, coordinated set of corporate policies, procedures and systems to manage the records of the department in compliance with State Records legislation and in accordance with the department’s own business needs.
    2. The Department’s records:
      • must be created as evidence of business activity,
      • must relate to the functions and activities of the department,
      • must be created for and remain the property of the department,
      • must be captured as soon as possible after creation or receipt,
      • must be secured and maintained in a records management system in compliance with corporate policies and procedures,
      • must be able to be located when needed,
      • may also include drafts, working papers etc. as set out in the Records Management Manual.
    3. Departmental records held by contracted service providers
      1. Custody of departmental records may pass to a contracted service provider through outsourcing or any other arrangement, or records may be created by a contracted service provider which are or will be needed:
        • to ensure that the contract is performed to expectations,
        • to enable operations to continue at the end of the contract,
        • to establish the rights, entitlements or obligations of the state or an individual, or
        • for use in ongoing research.
      2. Contractual requirements must be in place to ensure that the records remain the property of the department. The records must be subject to departmental record keeping requirements incorporating privacy, security and access, and be disposed of in accordance with departmental policy and with the department’s consent, or be returned to the department upon expiry of the contract or on demand by the department.
  2. Audience and applicability
    1. This policy applies to all the staff, contractors and consultants of the department.
    2. This policy applies to all departmental business, and concerns all records which are created, received, captured, used, stored and/or disposed of in the conduct of official business whatever their format and medium.
    3. Electronic records are thus part of the scope of this policy. The department is progressively implementing a full Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) in compliance with State Records’ Standard on Digital Recordkeeping. Business areas which have not yet fully implemented EDRMS should where appropriate, print hard copies of electronic records and place them on an official file until EDRMS implementation can be completed.
  3. Context
    1. The Department must comply with all relevant legislation, standards and other mandatory requirements relating to records management. In accordance with obligations under the State Records Act 1998, the department will implement a corporate records management program to comply with standards issued by State Records.
    2. The requirements of the State Records Act also apply to departmental records transferred to a contracted service provider.
  4. Responsibilities and delegations
    1. Roles and responsibilities for records management, minimum requirements, corporate standards and best practice guidelines as detailed in the Records Management Manual, shall apply to all departmental officers.
  5. Monitoring and review
    1. Senior managers across the department are responsible for monitoring and reporting on records management activity and compliance with policy and procedural requirements on an annual basis.
  6. Contact
    Leader, Records Management
    02 8633 1045
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