Performance Management and Development

Performance management and development provides a framework to value our staff, provides a working environment that acknowledges their contribution and builds capacity to ensure organisational effectiveness.

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  1. Policy statement
    1. Performance management and development is a critical process in achieving corporate objectives in that it links those objectives with employee goals and achievements. It focuses on improving performance through matching outcomes against individual, team and organisational objectives.
    2. Performance management and development is an essential element in the creation of an organisational culture which promotes high quality performance and the individual acceptance of responsibility and accountability commensurate with the individual’s position and role.
    3. Performance management and development is the continuous process of reflecting on, negotiating, developing, reviewing and making decisions about an individual’s performance in achieving organisational goals.
    4. Performance management and development processes complement other management practices of providing ongoing feedback, review and development of staff.
  2. Audience and applicability
    1. This policy applies to all permanent department staff and temporary staff employed for periods greater than eight weeks consecutively in any one year.
  3. Context
    1. Conditions of staff employment, including performance management principles, are contained in various authorities including legislation, regulations, industrial instruments, determinations, NSW Government policies, and policies, procedures, circulars and other administrative documents issued by the department.
    2. This document has been developed with reference to the Premier’s Department publication Performance Management: Policy and Guidelines.
  4. Responsibilities and delegations
    1. All staff are responsible for:
      • participating in a performance management and development process consistent with this policy and their conditions of employment as contained in authorities referred to under "Context".
      • demonstrating and being accountable for their performance in relation to the implementation of organisational and workplace goals.
      • participating in ongoing review and formal performance review meetings.
      • participating in appropriate and related professional development as required.
    2. Managers are responsible for:
      • exercising leadership by working with staff members to implement the performance management and development process consistent with the policy and staff members’ conditions of employment.
      • providing continuing support and feedback to staff members.
      • assisting in the identification of and participation in appropriate and related professional development as required.
    3. The manager and staff member will identify appropriate goals for the staff member and ensure appropriate progress towards their achievement in accordance with the timeframes as outlined in relevant support and implementation documents.
  5. Monitoring and review
    1. The Executive Director, Human Resources will monitor the currency of this policy and will report on its effectiveness annually, or as required, to the executive.
    2. All managers are responsible for the operation of this policy and the implementation of the procedures for the relevant staff category.
  6. Contact
    Teacher Talent Programs, Human Resources
    0436 623 121
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