Carry Forward (Schools)

Direction and guidance on the treatment of State Consolidated funds held in school budgets at the end of each school year.

Version Date Description of changes Approved by
V02.0.0 2/11/2023 Streamlined and converted to new template. Chief Financial Officer

Document history

2023 Aug 22 – updated implementation document, Carry Forward (Schools) Guidelines. Update to items not requiring application for extraordinary circumstances due to introduction of a Term 3 deadline.

2022 Nov 14 - updated the policy and guidelines to improve clarity around requirements and strengthen support for schools. There are no changes to current requirements for schools. The clarifications include that carry forward amounts will be transferred to Fund 6101 and requests for exceptional circumstances will be approved by the Chief Financial Officer. The update also reflects the change in policy ownership to Director, Schools Planning Budgeting and Reporting.

2021 Jul 28 - new implementation document: Carry Forward (Schools) Guidelines.

2021 Apr 22 - New policy

Superseded documents


1. Policy statement

1.1 Schools should spend State Consolidated Funds within the calendar year in which they are received to uplift learning outcomes for students enrolled in that year.

1.2 Principals are expected to manage their annual budget allocation to achieve the strategic directions and improvement measures set within their school’s Strategic Improvement Plan.

2. Context

2.1. Unspent allocated funds at the end of the school year pose a risk to achieving improved student learning and wellbeing outcomes.

2.2 The Carry Forward (Schools) Procedures  provide direction and guidance on long-term robust financial management practices that mitigate the risk that State Consolidated Funds will be significantly underspent in schools.

3. Policy contact

Director, Schools Planning, Budgeting and Reporting

4. Monitoring the policy

The Chief Financial Officer monitors the implementation of this policy, regularly reviews its contents to ensure relevance and accuracy, and updates it as needed.

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