Demountable accommodation for schools

This policy was consolidated with the Asset management policy under the 2023 Policy and procedure review program on 13/05/2024.

Refer to the Appeals for demountable accommodation procedures for instructions.

Document history

2024 May 13 - Demountable accommodation for schools policy consolidated with the Asset management policy and removed from the policy library.

2021 Aug 04 - updated policy statement contact details.

Updated contact details and made minor style and editing changes.

2017 review:

  • clarifying that demountables may only be used where local enrolments exceed the availability of permanent accommodation
  • including reference to the department's Educational Facilities Standards and Guidelines, which were introduced in 2014
  • clarifying roles and responsibilities of the following:
    • school principals
    • local Asset Management units
    • Directors (Public Schools NSW)
    • Executive Directors (School Performance)
    • Group Director (Capital Works)
    • Demountable Coordination Unit
    • Demountable Review Committee.
  • outlining the governance structure for the Demountable Review Committee and including a Primary and Secondary School Principal in the committee
  • removing outdated references (e.g. to TAFE).

2008 review:

  • Principals have five working days to appeal a decision regarding the removable of a demountable
  • The appeal must be discussed with the School Education Director or the regional Asset Management Unit Manager
  • The appeal is determined by the Regional Director
  • Principals may retain surplus demountable accommodation but must make it available when it is required elsewhere
  • If the school keeps the demountable, they are responsible for maintaining it and ensuring that it is kept in good repair
  • Principals are custodians of demountables for the whole organisation.

Superseded documents

Demountable Accommodation for Schools Policy 2008 - PD/2005/0261/V03

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