Student use of mobile phones in schools procedures

Direction and guidance on the safe, responsible and respectful use of mobile phones for students in NSW public schools.


This policy applies to all students in NSW public schools.

Version Date Description of changes Approved by
V01.0.0 09/10/2023 First publication Chief Operating Officer

About the policy

Term Definition
Educational purposes Any use approved by school staff that supports student learning, wellbeing and educational outcomes.
School-related settings Include school grounds, school-related activities and outside of school where there is a clear and close connection between the school and the conduct of students, such as excursions and camps.


  • establish implementation approach and practices consistent with this policy
  • inform all staff about this policy.

Principals, teachers and school administration support staff:

  • support parents or carers and students to model appropriate use of mobile phones
  • respond to and report any inappropriate use of mobile phones
  • implement this policy in consultation with school staff, students, parents or carers, including determining where mobile phones are to be kept while on school premises.

Parents or carers:

  • support policy implementation, including resolving issues, communicate with school staff and the school community respectfully and collaboratively.

What needs to be done

1. Select one of five mobile phone management options

Principals, in consultation with their school community, decide on the mobile phone management option that best suits their school.

Use the above supporting implementation considerations.

2. Adopt your school management plan

If you do not already have a plan, you can use the templates listed below.

3. Communicate your school management plan

Communicate your school management plan to staff, students and community. Include:

  • exemption requests, confirming documentation needed (such as including exemptions into Personalised Learning Pathways)
  • phone storage and access arrangements during the day
  • how parents and students can stay in contact during school hours when necessary.

4. Implement the plan

Implement your school management plan, for example, consider:

  • purchasing a phone storage solution
  • putting up signage around the school
  • incorporating digital citizenship into lessons.

Supporting tools and resources

Policy contact

The Executive Director, Digital Learning monitors the implementation of this policy, regularly reviews its contents and updates it as needed.

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