Technology in schools

Direction and guidance for schools to implement information, communication and digital technologies to enable a connected, informed and empowered learning experience and support streamlined administration processes.


All school staff and contractors, volunteers and committee members engaged by schools.

Version Date Description of changes Approved by
V01.0.0 14/03/2024 Under the 2023 Policy and procedure review program, new policy and procedure developed to provide greater clarity on technology used in schools. Chief Information Officer
  1. Policy statement
    1. The department is committed to empowering staff and students to become confident and capable users of technology. It uses the latest digital technologies in teaching and learning, and embeds information and communication technology capability across all learning areas.
    2. Schools leverage available technologies to enhance learning experiences, deliver equitable learning outcomes, support streamlined school operations and connect with parents, carers and the wider school community.
    3. To ensure staff and students have access to the latest technology, the Information Technology directorate researches, evaluates, sources and plans for the technology needs of the whole department. It assesses solutions for compliance with child safety, privacy and security standards.
    4. To mitigate risks of cyber security incidents and threats of privacy breaches, staff must comply with the department's mandatory professional learning requirements.
  2. Context
    1. The Plan for NSW Public Education identifies the department's aim to deliver efficient and effective support services for our schools to allow them to run smoothly.
    2. The Child Safe Action Plan (PDF 2.4 MB) (objective 3) requires the department to identify and take action to mitigate risks to child safety in physical and online environments.
    3. The Government Accessibility Standards for ICT (AS EN 301 54) requires all information and communication technology solutions and services in schools to meet minimum accessibility requirements.
    4. The Technology in schools procedures support this policy.
  3. Policy contact
    1. Office of the Chief Information Officer, Information Technology directorate
  4. Monitoring the policy
    1. The Chief Information Officer monitors the implementation of this policy, regularly reviews its contents to ensure relevance and accuracy, and updates it as needed.

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