Psychological Tests Policy

The Psychological Tests Policy defines the requirements for the administration of these tests in NSW public schools.

Changes since previous version

4 September 2019 – made typographical changes and updated contact details to policy statement.

Superseded Documents

Administration of Individual Psychological Tests G/3578
Unauthorised Use of Psychological Tests 1984
Unauthorised Use of Psychological Tests A 1984
Unauthorised Use of Psychological Tests B 1987

Document History

The four policies have been consolidated into one policy.

  1. Policy statement
    1. Members of the school counselling service are the only officers of the Department of Education authorised to use psychological tests in relation to students enrolled or about to be enrolled in public schools.
    2. Psychological tests are clearly identified as such in the catalogues of the major suppliers.
    3. School counsellors-in-training may use psychological tests independently only after they have received instruction in their administration, interpretation of results and their application.
    4. The results of tests administered by untrained personnel as part of their training must not be used for any significant decision (for example access to disability program resources).
    5. All psychological tests should be administered strictly in accordance with manual instructions.
  2. Audience and applicability
    1. These requirements apply to all psychological tests.
  3. Context

  4. Responsibilities and delegations
    1. School counselling staff are responsible for placing on the Student Counselling File test protocols and associated documentation such as referral details and written parent permission.
    2. Principals will ensure that no one other than members of the school counselling service uses psychological tests or related materials in their school. Principals may seek advice on which tests fall under these guidelines from the senior psychologist, education.
    3. Principals will ensure that secure storage is available for psychological tests and materials.
    4. Members of the school counselling service will ensure that psychological tests and materials are kept in secure storage.
  5. Monitoring and review
    1. The Leader, Psychology and Wellbeing Services, will monitor the implementation of the policy and will report as required to the Director, Student Engagement and Interagency Partnerships.
  6. Contact
    1. Leader, Psychology and Wellbeing Services
      02 7814 2942
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