School uniform

This policy was consolidated with the Student health and wellbeing policy under the 2023 Policy and procedure review program on 21/06/2024.

Refer to the Uniforms at school procedures for instructions.

Document history

2024 June 21 - School uniform policy consolidated with the Student health and wellbeing policy and removed from the policy library. Approved by the Executive Director, Inclusion and Wellbeing.

2022 May 17 - updated title of implementation document from 'School uniforms in NSW Government Schools Guidelines' to 'School Uniform Policy Guidelines Checklist'. Updated the contact details on the 'School Uniform Policy Guidelines Checklist' and fixed broken links.

2021 May 13 - updated contact details on policy statement.

2020 Sep - policy maintenance, which may include but not limited to, updated contact details, business unit or position titles, typographical, text and style changes and repairing hyperlinks.

2020 Aug - updated contact details.

Key changes include the requirements that all students have the opportunity to access the full range of school activities while wearing a school uniform, including physical activities, that girls must have the option to wear shorts/pants and that consideration is given to cost and how to assist families, including accessing financial support.

The revised School Uniform Policy addresses community expectations and concerns, it incorporates feedback from principals and parent/carer representative bodies.

Superseded documents

DN/04/00348 School Uniform policy and the support document School Uniforms in NSW Government Schools Guidelines 2004 (ISBN 07313 81270 SCIS 1059 406)
3.0.1 School Uniforms and General Standards of Dress S88/276 89.087 (S.061)
3.0.2 Changes to School Uniform 97/096 (S.092)

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