Year 9, Unit 3 – prisms and cylinders

Help students to tie together the big ideas across algebra, number and geometry and measurement in this program of learning. Build on knowledge and understanding of area to develop and apply formulas for the surface area of prisms and cylinders.

This 18-lesson unit addresses content from the focus areas of Area and surface area A, Volume A, Algebraic techniques A, Equations A, Numbers of any magnitude, as well as Path focus areas Area and surface area B, Volume B and Equations C.


Prisms and cylinders (DOCX 167 KB)

Lesson 1 – visualising nets

Lesson 2 – leftover challenge

Leftover challenge (DOCX 186 KB)

Lesson 3 – cube houses

Lesson 4 – beyond the surface

Beyond the surface (DOCX 327 KB)

Lesson 5 – A4 cylinders

Lesson 6 – margin for errors

Lesson 7 – under pressure

Under pressure (DOCX 324 KB)

Lesson 8 – how do animals keep cools

How do animals keep cool (DOCX 2.4 MB)

Lesson 9 – deep dive

Lesson 10 – exploring unknowns

Lesson 11 – the secrets of pyramids

The secrets of pyramids (DOCX 1.1 MB)

Lesson 12 – spheres the thing

Lesson 13 – cup or cone

Lesson 14 – concrete dreams

Concrete dreams (DOCX 310 KB)

Lesson 15 – perfect packaging

Perfect packaging (DOCX 294 KB)

Lesson 16 – tank it to the limit

Tank it to the limit (DOCX 1.2 MB)

Lesson 17 – icing on the cake

Icing on the cake (DOCX 96 KB)

Lesson 18 – to the beat of your own drum

To the beat of your own drum (DOCX 94 KB)


Syllabus outcomes and content descriptors from Mathematics K–10 Syllabus (2022) © NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) for and on behalf of the Crown in right of the State of New South Wales, 2024.

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