Introduction to the progressions


This professional learning is offered to support primary and high school teachers in understanding the National Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions as tools to support literacy and numeracy development. It assists participants to apply an inquiry model to the analysis of student work samples from across key learning areas, aligned to syllabus expectations. Teachers reflect on how the learning progressions could support the literacy and numeracy aspirations from their school plan.

Who should participate?

Primary and high school teachers and school leadership teams.

Mode of delivery



Learn why the progressions were developed and how they allow students to benefit from more personalised learning. Discover how the progressions are structured and their role in the teaching-learning cycle. Consider how the learning progressions support whole school literacy and numeracy aspirations.

Completing this course will help you to:

  • understand the reasons for moving from the continuums to the literacy and numeracy progressions;
  • understand the value of the literacy and numeracy progressions;
  • understand the role of the literacy and numeracy progressions in the teaching-learning cycle;
  • discover the components of the literacy and numeracy progressions;
  • improve students' literacy and numeracy development;
  • understand the role of the literacy and numeracy progressions in supporting teaching and learning through the NSW syllabuses;
  • examine the importance of literacy and numeracy in facilitating learning across the KLAs;
  • analyse work samples to indicate students' literacy and numeracy behaviours and to diagnose areas for growth; and
  • reflect on how the progressions can support literacy and numeracy aspirations identified in your school plan.

Register for ‘Introduction to the literacy and numeracy progressions online' via MyPL (course code AC00026)

This course will contribute to NESA Accredited PD towards maintaining teacher accreditation in NSW. See MyPL for details of the specific Australian Professional Standards for Teachers addressed.

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