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The Early Learning team as part of the Curriculum Early Years and Primary Learners unit provides schools with advice on:

  • the national regulations and department policies to support the management and operation of public preschools
  • early childhood pedagogy and curriculum
  • transition to school
  • Schools as Community Centres
  • Australian Early Development Census.

The Early Learning team makes notifications to the regulatory authority on behalf of public preschools. The Early Learning team should be contacted in the event of:

  • an incident involving serious illness, injury, trauma or urgent medical attention of a child while attending the preschool
  • a child missing from the premises
  • removal of a child in a way that breached the regulations
  • a child is mistakenly locked in or out of the preschool
  • attendance of emergency services
  • allegations that physical or sexual abuse of a child has occurred while attending preschool
  • if a complaint is made about the health or safety of a child
  • proposed changes to the premises.

Early Learning contact details

  • email –
  • phone – 1300 083 698

Other enquiries:

  • For information about enrolling a child in a public preschool or early intervention class, families can contact the school directly.
  • For information about early childhood services in your local area, visit the Starting Blocks website.
  • Private and community-based early childhood services can contact the Early Childhood Education Directorate on 1800 619 113 for regulatory advice.


  • Early childhood education

Business Unit:

  • Curriculum and Reform
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