Linked to the text Tuesday by David Wiesner students are currently studying this picture book as part of their visual literacy unit.


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This lesson is linked to the text Tuesday by David Wiesner. Students are currently studying this picture book as part of their visual literacy unit. Underpinning the lesson is the impact of urbanisation on our local environment.

  • Explain that students will create a night soundscape inspired by the introductory words, 'Tuesday evening, around eight' and the subsequent illustrations. They will be using a variety of instruments.
  • Introduce students to the term soundscape. Watch Catalyst episode on soundscapes. Discuss video and use of recorded soundscape.
  • Explore understanding of tone, dynamics, duration with students.


  • Explore illustrations in the text Tuesday and imagine what sounds could be heard
  • Group or pair students and hand out instruments. Allow students to discover how to use them, exploring and describing sounds produced (timbre). Classify instruments into categories to compare tone colours.
  • Students use their instruments and voices, experimenting with dynamics, tone colour and pitch, adding and removing sounds, to create a night time creek soundscape.


  • Discuss the musical concepts involved in creating soundscapes amend or enhance as necessary. Particularly focus on structure.
  • Perform, listen to and discuss with the class. Add extra parts if necessary.

Tyalla Public School as part of MyPL RG02217 Introduction to Music within the K-6 Creative Arts Syllabus


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