Student HSC Results

The Student HSC Results report provides school staff with their past students’ HSC scores by course.

How will this report benefit me?

This report provides a visual representation of an individual student’s performance in the HSC.  Stage 6 teachers can evaluate individual students’ results and review the success of their teaching practice with the cohort that has just completed.

This report can be used in conjunction with the School HSC Results report to review how individual students performed compared to the school cohort. If specific students received individual intervention, their performance compared to the control group can be evaluated using both these reports.

What does the Student HSC Results report provide?

Note: Results for students sitting HSC courses in non-government schools or TAFE NSW sites will not appear as only DoE schools data appears in Scout for the HSC.

This one-page report presents information on:

HSC Scaled Course Mark by Student and Course

  • This column chart displays the student course mark for each course.
  • The chart is empty when the report first loads. A student must be selected to view the values.
  • All courses are displayed with a maximum score out of 100.  1-unit courses (e.g. Mathematics Extension 2) have been scaled to have a mark out of 100 for easy comparison between courses.
  • Use the student slicers to reduce the student list to a smaller cohort.

Students who complete the HSC over multiple years will only have results for the selected cohort enrolment and scholastic year. Adjust the Cohort Enrolment Year slicer to view all their courses.

Use the slicers to select a cohort and filter the data for further analysis:

  • Cohort Enrolment year - the year the student was in year 7 at your school, data will be presented on the student cohort’s corresponding year 5 HSC performance
  • Cohort Scholastic Year
  • Cohort Student Group – This enables this report to be filtered by groups that have been created in the Custom Groups App. This is useful for grouping students by class.
  • Student Name
  • Enrolment Type Group
  • Enrolment Type
  • Gender
  • Aboriginal
  • EAL/D
  • HSC Key Learning Area
  • HSC Course

How can I use the Student HSC Results to support teaching and learning at my school?

The report allows assessment of student cohort results and individual students to support their learning. Successful strategies implemented in the cohort can be replicated in future cohorts.

What should I look for?

Students whose performance is markedly different from their peers, or whose performance on one course is greatly different for the student’s other courses. Such discrepancies can help teaching staff identify strengths and areas of need for students and flag areas where further investigation of student needs is required.

Where does this data come from?

HSC, Student Enrolments

How frequently is data updated?


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