HSC Results Across Schools

The HSC Results Across Schools report shows the performance of selected schools in the Higher School Certificate within courses across key learning areas (KLAs) in the form of a box and whisker plot.

How will these reports benefit me?

Directors can use the HSC Results Across Schools report to compare the performance of schools on courses within a KLA.

What does the HSC Results Across Schools report provide?

This one page report presents information on:

Course Mark Distribution by School

This boxplot and whisker chart shows the distribution of results for students at each selected school, in the selected calendar year and key learning area.

Hover over the chart to view the following metrics:

  • # Samples - Number of students who sat the assessment in that course
  • Maximum - The highest result achieved in the course by a member of the cohort
  • Quartile 3 - The score that is greater than 75% of the scores achieved by the cohort
  • Median - The score in the middle of the schools distribution for the where 50% of the cohort scored above the score and 50% below
  • Average - The score that represents the central or typical value achieved by students in course (sum of scores achieved divided by number of scores)
  • Quartile 1 - The score that is greater than 25% of the scores achieved by the cohort
  • Minimum - The lowest scored achieved in the course by a member of the cohort

Use the slicers to filter and analyse the data:

  • Executive Director Group
  • Network
  • School
  • Calendar Year
  • Gender
  • Aboriginal
  • EAL/D
  • Key Learning Area
  • Course

How can I use the HSC Results Across Schools report to support principals in my network with their self-assessment?

Analyse the distribution of results between different courses in the same KLA, and between the same course across different years.  This will support SEF elements, Student Performance Measures, and Assessment and Reporting.

What should I look for?

  • The report default setting is to show the average of all HSC KLAs and courses. Select a single KLA or course to view the distribution of results within that KLA or course only.
  • Hover over a boxplot to view the score distribution in that course. This chart can be used to show differences between courses within a KLA and in different schools.
  • Differences between schools and between courses are reflective of course difficulty, number of participants and the heterogeneity of student performance between courses within the same KLA. Large spreads of performance within subjects and across the KLA demonstrates substantial differences within the cohorts.
  • Select two or more calendar years together to view the distribution for the combined years at each selected school. The boxplot will show the distribution of all students who completed the HSC in the selected years.

Where does this data come from?


How frequently is data updated?


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