ATAR Bands Across Years

The ATAR Bands Across Years report provides a snapshot of the school’s ATAR outcomes over years broken down into ATAR bands.

How will this report benefit me?

This report allows schools to view the count of students in each ATAR band over the last five calendar years. Changes in the proportion of students in each band indicate whether progress is being made in assisting students to improve their HSC performance.

What does the ATAR Bands Across Years report provide?

This one page report presents information on:

Number of Students in ATAR Bands by Calendar Year

  • This stacked column chart shows the distribution of students in ATAR bands for the last five years.
  • The year is on the x-axis.
  • The number of students in each ATAR band is on the y-axis.
  • Hover over a band to view the band and number of students.
  • Note that individual students cannot be identified in this report.

Number of Students in CY

  • This information tile shows the number of students at the school who completed the most recent ATAR.

Use the slicers to filter the data for further analysis:

  • Enrolment Type Group
  • Enrolment Type
  • Gender
  • Aboriginal - The term Aboriginal used in this data set refers to and includes both Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples. In NSW the preferred term is Aboriginal, rather than Indigenous or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • EAL/D

How can I use the ATAR Bands Across Years report to support my school self-assessment?

This report can be used to determine whether strategies applied over the teaching curriculum are having a positive impact on the ATAR outcomes of students.

What should I look for?

  • Schools should look for changes over time to the proportion of students in the higher ATAR bands.
  • Note that a student’s ATAR is included in this report if the student completed most of their HSC subjects at the selected school.

Where does this data come from?


How frequently is data updated?


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