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What's New

Read about new and improved reports and changes in Scout.

2017 HSC Results Report

School users can now access 2017 HSC data within the School Performance App. The HSC Results Report allows comparison between schools on courses within a key learning area.

NAPLAN Student Level Results Report

Find this new report in the Student Performance App. View prior results for incoming students in any year, for example NAPLAN 3 results for incoming Year 5 students, or results for students who change schools between assessments.

Plan 2018 timetables using Scout

View our new webinar that demonstrates how you can use Scout reports to inform your staffing decisions and timetable planning for 2018.

A New Way to Access Reports

Microsoft has changed the way we access reports. They will no longer be found in ‘My Workspace’, but will instead be found in ‘Apps’. You will be able to access previously available information, as well as new and improved reports that are relevant to your role. After logging into Scout, click on ‘Apps’ on the navigation panel to find your available apps. Follow our video guide and written instructions if your apps have not loaded.

Student Movement Reports

The Student Movement reports provide schools with information about their destination high schools or origin primary schools. This includes information on transition trends, re-enrolment rates, and changes in composition of origin or destination schools over time. These reports also allow schools to compare their re-enrolment rates to those of neighbouring schools to gain an insight into enrolment trends across the local area. These reports are available in the Enrolment App.

NAPLAN Item Analysis reports

The NAPLAN Item Analysis reports allow schools to analyse the NAPLAN performance of individual students for each question of the assessment.  These reports can be used to identify which students may need additional help with specific topics. This information was previously available in SMART. These reports are available in the NAPLAN Item Analysis App.

School Budget Allocation Report

From this year, the School Budget Allocation Report (SBAR) will be available to principals and deputy principals in Scout. The SBAR in Scout contains the same information as the report distributed in PDF format. It is more interactive and is tailored to support principals and deputy principals in school planning. The SBAR can be exported into Excel from Scout. This report is available in the School Finance App.

Webinar Week

Join us in week 7 for the Scout Beyond the Basics webinar week. Register your interest by emailing

System status update

School Services' Scout users will not have any schools associated with their accounts when viewing Scout reports. This issue is due to the recent SAP HR payroll upgrade. Scout team is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We apologise for the inconvenience. (20/3/2018)

The Scout business intelligence reports are hosted in the Microsoft application, Power BI, a cloud based business intelligence and analytics service. This offers the user more functionality and ways of interpreting data and provides interactive visualisations with self-service capabilities. It can be accessed on the go through any tablet, laptop or mobile phone making it convenient for users to access anytime, anywhere.

To gain access to Scout, please check your eligibility and register for training.

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