Access Scout reports

Link to reports. Users must be eligible and trained to use Scout reports.

All Scout users are bound by NSW privacy laws. In accessing the data in Scout, you agree to:

  • treat the data in Scout as personal and sensitive
  • exercise caution and sound judgement in discussing personal information with others
  • seek permission (from the data owner through Scout support) before you publish any information sourced from Scout
  • not leave Scout open in the browser when you are away from your desk
  • report any suspected data breach to Scout support as soon as possible.

By clicking on the link below to access the Scout reports you acknowledge and agree to the terms and abide by all existing Department of Education data policies. For further information on the policy view the Terms of Use for Scout.

The following reports are now available:

  • Human Resources (schools) app (formerly - Employees app)
    All HR reports are now available with up to date data from SAP, in the Human Resources (schools) app.
  • Value Added data (9-12)
    Value Added data for Years 9-12 for 2018 is now available in Scout.
  • ATAR Bands Across Years
    The ATAR Bands Across Years report has been updated with 2018 data and is available now in the HSC App.

System status update

05/06/2019 - Due to an issue with recent SAP HR upgrade, some School Services staff's Scout access have been involuntarily deactivated. Please contact Scout Support ( to have your Scout access reactivated.  Scout team is working to restore all users access as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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