Registration and support

Scout is available to NSW Department of Education school staff and corporate users. A selected range of reports are also available to Catholic, Independent and ACT schools (see Support for Non-DoE users).

Access for DoE users

School-based staff

Scout is available to:

  • Directors
  • School Leadership Teams
  • Teachers
  • Business Managers and School Administration Managers
  • Other school staff may be able to gain access with approval from the Principal.
New Users
  1. Complete the mandatory MyPL module - Scout Introduction – NRG03295 (
  2. Access will be automatically granted within two working days. You will receive notification via email.
  3. Once access is granted, you can login to Scout.

Need access to specific reports?

Existing registered users can request access to specific reports.

  1. Complete the School User Scout Access Approval Form.
  2. Get the completed form authorised by the Principal.
  3. Scan and email the form to Scout User Support.

Non-school-based staff

Scout is available to a wide range of teams across the corporate divisions, with access to reports specific to each teams work.

New Users
  1. Complete the mandatory MyPL module - Scout Introduction – NRG03295
  2. Access will be granted within two working days, provided you are in a preapproved team. You will receive a notification via email.
    If you are not in a preapproved team, Scout Support will contact you and ask for a completed. Corporate User Scout Access Approval Form. Once completed and approved, access will be granted.
  3. Once access is granted, you can log in to Scout.

School Services Tailored Support - Full School Access Approval Form (PDF 836.65KB).

Support for DoE users

Need help using Scout? Visit the Digital learning centre where you will find QRGs and other resources to help you get the best from Scout.

Contact the Scout Support team

If you require technical assistance or help in interpreting your reports, contact Scout Support by logging an online query. For most requests, you will receive a response within two business days. Some requests may take longer to resolve, we will keep you informed on the progress.

To log your request:

1. Click on online query
2. Enter your DoE User ID, then ?Confirm?
3. Select your Building, Level, Room from the drop down list, then ?Next?
4. Select:

  • 'Scout'
  • 'EDConnect Operational Reports' or
  • 'All other Scout reports/support requests' (click 'Scout')

5. Complete all required fields.


Phone: 1300 790 844 (Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:00pm)

For all training needs see the Training and capability building page.

Support for Non-DoE users

Access to Scout

CSNSW staff members are provided access through CSNSW systems. Please contact your local support team for assistance.

For AIS and all schools in ACT, you need to have an active Department of Education (DoE) Extranet account and be granted SMART access (though AMU by principals or authorised delegates). Scout access will be active after 1-2 days.

Principals can refer to this document - provisioning rights (PDF 344.63KB) - for instructions to provide admin access to their delegates.

To renew/reactivate your DoE Extranet account

  • Teachers (Non-Principal): contact school Principals or their delegates to have your account renewed, reactivated or resetting of password
  • Principals: contact Sectors supports, contact emails are listed below

Training and support

Need help using Scout? These Quick Reference Guides have been developed for non-DoE users.
Visit the Digital learning centre where you will find other resources to help you get the best from Scout.

ACT Schools:

Scout training and support enquires for all schools located in ACT will be provided by the Education Directorate. For enquiries, email

Association of Independent Schools of NSW:

Scout training and support for NSW independent schools will be provided by The Association of Independent Schools of NSW. For enquires, email

Catholic Schools NSW:

Catholic Schools (both systemic and RI/MPJP) should contact for Scout support and information regarding training.

Support for EDConnect Operational Reports

Advisory support

EDConnect has a team of subject matter experts who are available to provide advisory support in response to your report data or answer queries you may have arising from the reports, for example incorrect data.

These experts can assist principals to interpret the report data and help schools use the EDConnect operational reports to improve school operations.

EDConnect can assist with the following reports:

Human Resources (Schools) App:
  • Absences over Time (Leave Patterns)
  • Casual Nominations
  • Casual Timesheets
  • Current Staff Profile
  • Managing Temporary Staff Movements
  • Managing Temporary Engagements
Leave management App:
  • Managing Recreation Leave
  • Sick Leave Management
Finance (Schools) App:
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Banking Effectiveness
  • Pcard Unfinalised Transactions
  • Pcard Utilisation
  • Spend Analysis
  • Unpaid Invoices
EDConnect Service Management App:
  • Support Request History
  • Open Support Requests

NOTE: All other reports are supported by Scout support.

Request support

DELs, principals, deputy principals, SAMs and business managers can request assistance and advisory support using the following guidelines:

  1. Select online query (opens in new window)
  2. Confirm your details are correct by selecting Next
  3. Under Scout select EDConnect Operational Reports
  4. Select Advisory support incl. data interpretation and data discrepancies
  5. Select Next
  6. Select the applicable report from the drop-down list
  7. Add details in the Request information field
  8. Add any attachments. Attach screenshots where possible.
  9. Use the Add another report button if you have queries about more than one report.
    Note: A separate query for each report ensures your queries are answered as quickly as possible.
  10. Select Next.
  11. Review the details of your online query. Select Back to make changes or Finish to submit your query.

We aim to respond on the same business day. Where requests take longer to resolve, we will keep you informed on the progress.

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