Scout overview

Scout is the department’s one-stop shop for data analysis, providing accurate, secure and accessible data in one central place.

Key benefits

Scout provides its users with relevant reports and tools, enabling them to make well-informed, evidence-based decisions. It draws data from over 150 different data sources, both within and outside the NSW Department of Education.

Teachers can use Scout to review and monitor their student’s assessment results, student growth and performance trends, and data about the school community. This knowledge can help teachers to identify student strengths and areas for improvement and better structure and plan their classes.

In addition to student performance reports, Scout provides directors, principals and school leadership teams with access to a wide range of school operations information, from asset management to school attendance, to assist with strategic planning and reporting processes.

Go from insight to informed actions

Scout supports evidence-based decisions that are outcomes-focused. It allows school leaders to navigate rich data sources to inform planning and implementation, leading to ongoing improvement and school excellence.

Who can use Scout?

Reports in Scout are available to the following user groups:

  • Principals and school leaders
  • Classroom teachers
  • Directors and corporate executives
  • Corporate and school SASS staff

How do I get started?

Complete the mandatory MyPL training module Scout Introduction – NRG03295. Access will be automatically granted in 1-2 days after you’ve completed the training.

For more information, visit the Registration and support page.

Take a look now!

Demonstration reports have been created to provide a quick look at what is available in Scout. These reports have no identifiable student or staff information, so they are perfect for sharing, training and testing purposes.

All department staff can get a feel for the reports and apps in Scout instantly via the Scout Demo app.

Where does the data come from?

Scout draws data from several areas within and outside the Department of Education. Internal sources include data about students and department employees and general school operations such as finance systems.

External sources include other NSW and national education bodies and general demographic information from other government departments.


  • DoE

Business Unit:

  • Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation
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