Certificate II in Cookery

This qualification reflects the role of trainees working in kitchens using a defined and limited range of food preparation and cookery skills to prepare food and menu items.

They are involved in mainly routine and repetitive tasks and work under direct supervision.

This traineeship provides a pathway to work in kitchen operations in organisations such as restaurants, hotels, catering operations, clubs, pubs, cafes, and coffee shops; and institutions such as aged care facilities, hospitals, prisons, and schools

HSC credit ATAR pathway
4 (minimum) Yes

Trainees work in kitchens in hospitality roles such as kitchen attending, commercial cookery, commercial catering and food & beverage; mainly undertaking routine and repetitive tasks, using a defined and limited range of food preparation and cookery skills to prepare food and menu items under direct supervision. You may learn to prepare, cook and serve food, work as part of the kitchen team, prepare breakfast items, a range of food items and non-alcoholic drinks, sandwiches, appetisers & salads and hot & cold desserts. This does not prepare you to be a commercial cook.

Outcome on completion of your HSC

  • Certificate II in Cookery SIT20421 in SIT Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Training Package.
  • A career path into the Hospitality - Cookery industry. Possible occupations include short order cook or food preparation cook in a range of catering and restaurant enterprises.

Course delivery

  • Both on the job and off the job and can be delivered face-to-face, flexibly or mixed mode.
  • The SBT term is calculated in months from the date of commencement to 31 December of the HSC year.

Commitment required

  • Undertake a minimum of 100 days in paid employment and training.
  • Undertake Certificate II Cookery as part of your HSC.
  • The employment and training can be undertaken during school time, after school and during school holidays.

How will you be assessed?

  • Both on the job and off the job through written tests, project work and practical exercises.
Course ATAR eligibility HSC unit credit

Cookery - Certificate II


Minimum of 4 and a maximum 6 units (depending on those chosen) over two years towards your HSC for the formal training component (VET course).

Industry-based Learning course



This optional course recognises the significant work component involved in the school based apprenticeship.

The course offers an additional 4 units credit towards your HSC.

This HSC VET course does not contribute towards the calculation of the ATAR.

For further information about how to sign up to this school based apprenticeship please speak with your Careers Adviser.

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  • Hospitality

Business Unit:

  • Skills and Pathways
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