Mental health resources for teachers

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We recommend the following three resources:

Supporting our Students' Mental health professional learning

Supporting our Students' Mental Health (SoSMH) is a professional learning opportunity for all school staff.

This free training has been especially developed by the department in response to the need for a short, accessible course to buidl the confidence and ability of school based staff to support the mental health of all students.

Mental health resources

Ways you can support the mental health of your students.

  • Department of Education: I am a staff member (Care and Connect) – Recognising and supporting your students' wellbeing is one of the most important ways you can help them flourish. There are lots of resources to help you do this.
  • ReachOut School – tools, advice and resources for students in Year 7 and beyond.
  • Be YouBe You provides educators with knowledge, resources and strategies for helping children and young people achieve their best possible mental health.
  • BITE BACK: Youth Educator Information – The Black Dog Institute's Bite Back is an online positive psychology program. Use their lesson plans to promote conversations around mental health and help your students develop healthy lifelong skills and habits.

Resources to support our own mental health.

Steps you can take to improve the overall mental health of your school.

  • Supporting our Students Mental Health - will provide you with the foundational knowledge and practical skills you need to effectively support all students. You will cover mental health theory, learn practical skills; and discover where, and when, to refer students for other available supports.
  • Be You – A collection of professional learning modules for educators and school leaders that focus on deepening their knowledge and skills to promote student wellbeing and build mentally healthy communities.
  • MyPL: Online Training Australia: Supporting Student Wellbeing and Mental Health – This registered and quality assured course for teachers in NSW public schools aims to develop your capacity to support the wellbeing and mental health of your students. 40 hours over 12 weeks through MyPL.
  • PAX Good Behaviour Game – Training for K-6 teachers in NSW Public Schools to deliver the evidence based PAX Good Behaviour Game that has been shown to improve wellbeing, emotional regulation and academic outcomes.
  • Mental Health First Aid Australia: MHFA in Schools – Youth Mental Health First Aid training will help you and your school community respond more effectively to mental health issues. Department of Education staff can enquire about training by contacting the Network Specialist Facilitator in your local Education Office.

  • Anti-bullying: Resources for educators – Teachers can access a range of anti-bullying resources suitable for Early Stage 1 to Stage 5 classrooms. Preventing bullying behaviours and learning ways to respond well to bullying improves the wellbeing and mental health of all students.
  • Department of Education: Time for a Health Check (DOCX 75KB) – Time for a Health Check is a series of lessons for stage 4 PDHPE students to empower them to recognise influences on their thoughts, feelings and actions. 
  • Department of Education: Exercise your mood – Exercise Your Mood is a Stage 5 integrated PDHPE unit that focuses on the concept of mental fitness and aims to empower students to plan strategies to improve the mental fitness of their school community in order to support their own and others' wellbeing.
  • Department of Education: Mental fitness – exercising your brain – Stage 5 (DOCX 69KB) – Mental Fitness – exercising your brain provides lesson ideas to use with Stage 5 PDHPE students that will enable them to improve their mental fitness. Students can reflect on their sleep and physical activity habits, plan modifications to improve sleep patterns and practice mindfulness strategies. 
  • Department of Education: Life Ready support materials – Department of Education staff can access a range of teaching and learning materials that can be used when exploring mental health and wellbeing as part of the Life Ready course that must be delivered in Year 11 or 12 in government schools. Materials should be reviewed in full and endorsed by the school principal before use.
  • R U OK?: Education Resources – R U OK? provides primary and high school teachers with toolkits containing lesson plans that encourage students to look out for others and help them to offer support when needed.


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