Supported students, successful students

The Supported Students, Successful Students initiative provided an additional $167 million over four years to support the wellbeing of students in public schools across New South Wales.

Some of the resources under the initiative included :

  • 236 new school counselling service positions
  • more than $51 million for wellbeing services equivalent to an additional 200 Student Support Officers
  • more than 500 graduate scholarships to boost the recruitment of school counselling service and
  • state-wide system support to develop whole-school approaches to positive behaviour for learning
  • refugee student support teams who offer psychological expertise to refugee students and their families.

Wellbeing Framework for Schools and behaviour

The Wellbeing Framework for Schools offers context for schools and local communities to enable students to connect, succeed and thrive at each stage of their development and learning. The Student Behaviour Policy supports principals and teachers by providing students with clear expectations of behaviour. The policy empowers principals to support all students, including those with complex and challenging behaviour in the classroom

Meeting the need

Schools play a critical role in helping children and young people make sense of the world around them.

There is strong evidence that students who are better supported in their wellbeing have higher academic achievement and better life outcomes in relation to health, employment, social inclusion and economic independence.

Schools are experiencing increases in the number of students with social, emotional and mental health issues. Students need personalised support that is relevant to their specific needs.

The Wellbeing Framework for Schools underpins the work that goes on in education in regard to student wellbeing and school excellence. Wellbeing is one of five learning elements of the School Excellence Framework. To achieve excellence in wellbeing, a school has in place a comprehensive and inclusive framework to support the cognitive, emotional, social, physical and spiritual wellbeing of students which measurably improves individual and collective wellbeing.

What support will be available for schools?

Schools and their communities will have access to:

  • a wellbeing self-assessment tool for schools
  • easily accessible, clear information to develop wellbeing strategies
  • a streamlined website with departmental policies, procedures, legislative requirements and resources
  • state-wide system support to develop whole-school approaches to positive behaviour for learning.

More counsellors and wellbeing resources

The school counselling service provides specialised psychological assessment, counselling and intervention services.

Every student from pre-school to Year 12 in public schools is able to access the service.

Every public school has received an allocation for school counselling services for 2016-2018. This will be adjusted every three years.

Funding is being provided for additional wellbeing services to support students.

Support to schools to improve student behaviour

  • Funding will support schools develop and implement a comprehensive and inclusive whole-school approach to positive behaviour for learning.
  • The Student Behaviour Policy gives principals and teachers clear guidance on their powers to deal with challenging behaviour.


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