Disability Strategy resources for schools and stakeholders to use to help share the message of the strategy.

These Disability Strategy resources will help school-based staff and stakeholders share the main points of the strategy with staff, families and communities.

  1. The Disability Strategy (PDF 2536.68KB)
    The strategy is the source of all our other content and informs where the project as a whole is going. Other versions are available on the strategy hub.
  2. Disability Strategy PowerPoint presentation (staff only)
    This PowerPoint will enable people to give a presentation on the Disability Strategy to any audience. It will take them through the strategy, the context of its development, its vision, plan and immediate focus areas.
  3. Disability Strategy Checklist (PDF 363.37KB) (staff only) One page, double-sided checklist to help corporate staff ensure initiatives consider the needs of students with disability and work towards the strategy's aims and outcomes.
  4. Disability Strategy quiz (staff only)
    The quiz is a fun way to take people through some of the key points in the strategy. For example, asking at what level is demand growing. Quiz sheet to be used in conjunction with the PowerPoint.
  5. Disability Strategy overview handout (A4) (PDF 400.5KB)
    One page, double-sided strategy overview. It is designed to be printed out and given to a person after having an initial conversation with them about the strategy.
  6. Disability Strategy Posters (A3/A4) (PDF 2231.65KB)
    These five posters are for printing out and putting up in high-traffic areas such as a school reception. They can be printed in A3 or A4.
  7. Disability Strategy scenarios (staff only)
    The two scenarios are designed as thought starters around disability in schools. One scenario is based on a regional example, the other is an infrastructure scenario. Use these in a group exercise to talk through these complex issues.
  8. Case studies (staff only)
    Learn more about the experiences of five students with disability, their parents, carers and teachers. These case studies will give you an insight, but won’t cover the full range of experiences.
  9. Frequently asked questions (staff only)
    This document is to enable staff to answer more questions that may come up that are not addressed in the above resources.

For more information

If you have any questions about the strategy, email: and you can also sign up for updates to the strategy and its implementation.

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