Better welcoming students by training non-teaching staff

New training for non-teaching staff such as front office staff in schools will help us build a more inclusive education system, where all students feel welcomed and are learning to their fullest capability.

We know children achieve the best educational outcomes when they are embraced by their schools and fellow students, and have the support of engaged families and friends.

The professional learning course ‘PLNTS - Welcoming and Guiding Families of Students with Disability’ is now available for non-teaching staff. The training was jointly created with the Professional Learning for Non-Teaching Staff (PLNTS) team.

Sessions will assist staff to understand the barriers faced by families of students with disability when seeking enrolment so they can better support families when they first contact their school.

Director of the Disability Strategy team Sarah Hanson said the training reflected the strategy’s goal of improving the family experience. The new professional learning provides practical scenarios and guidance which staff can use in their school.

“1 in every 5 students across our state has a disability or additional learning needs. Every department staff member, whether they work in a school or a corporate office, has a responsibility to ensure all children thrive academically and socially at school,” Ms Hanson said.

"This professional learning will guide office staff, often the first point of contact for students with disability and their families, in meeting their obligation to ensure every child is warmly welcomed at their local public school.”

Staff can find out more about the training on the PLNTS website and register for a session using MyPL.

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