The hub was created in response to feedback from staff that they need more tools and guidance to support students with disability. Our student population is diverse. Around 1 in 5 students has a disability and a growing number of students have additional learning needs that require personalised support. The hub was developed with Deakin University’s AllPlayLearn program to connect staff with the best evidence available and support to turn it into practice. The hub and resources are tailored to the NSW context. They have been tested by staff from metropolitan, regional and remote areas and in different school settings.

The Inclusive Practice hub has over 150 evidence-based resources. These resources have been quality assured and can also be accessed through the Universal Resources Hub.

There are resources for primary and secondary, and credible partners such as NESA, NCCD and AITSL in one easy-access place. Parents and carers can also access the hub if they are interested in the resources being used at school or would like to try them at home.

The hub aims to:

  • increase staff confidence by providing information on different disability types, common needs and challenges and how to support learning
  • build staff capability by connecting school staff to evidence-based practices and inclusive teaching strategies for students with disability
  • reduce the admin burden by providing downloadable resources ready to use in the classroom and embedding relevant resources from partner organisations such as NESA and AITSL to reduce navigation issues.
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