Engaging external wellbeing providers - checklist

The department has developed a checklist to support schools to assess external wellbeing providers and programs through a decision tool. The decision tool is an easy-to-use starting point for teaching staff to determine the benefit against the needs of their students.

The checklist supports staff when considering what programs are best for the students and school, while maintaining the values of NSW public schools.

Schools play a key role in supporting children and young people's wellbeing, and the department acknowledges the potential value of partnerships with non-departmental organisations in supporting students' wellbeing.

The Engaging external wellbeing providers and programs decision tool - checklist is an interactive PDF that covers a number of factors to consider under the following headings:

  • Links to school planning
  • Evidence base
  • Implementation
  • Community and staff.

It also includes a list of essential requirements under Compliance.

On completion of the checklist, you will have sound evidence to support your decision to proced with the delivery of the wellbeing program by the external provider.

The checklist can be downloaded, completed and attached to the risk management proforma, if required, and stored as part of your school's documentation for implementing the program.

Tailoring health and wellbeing approaches at your school

Tailoring health and wellbeing approaches at your school is a suite of evidence-based resources that:

  • identify and promote the enablers of successful health and wellbeing approaches
  • draw together relevant department policy and new and existing health and wellbeing resources
  • address the complex health and wellbeing challenges that schools identified in a 2020 research discovery process.

Find out how you can tailor your school's health and wellbeing approach.


For enquiries about the Engaging external wellbeing providers and programs decision tool, or about tailoring health and wellbeing approaches at your school, contact

Louise Carey
Principal Project Manager
02 7814 2912


  • Student management and wellbeing

Business Unit:

  • Inclusion and Wellbeing
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