Professional learning

Attendance professional learning is now available for school-based staff and School Services attendance support staff.

Effective professional development builds the knowledge, skills and qualities of staff to improve the outcomes of their students.

Additional professional learning will be listed as it becomes available.

Positive Attendance Culture (PAC) e-learning

PAC comprises 5 NESA accredited online learning modules designed to build staff capacity to strengthen whole school attendance practice.

A gateway module outlines the universal strategies which work best to improve attendance, and a suite of four elective modules focus on high expectations, systems and processes, data use and effective interventions.

The modules can be completed in any order, or specific modules selected according to school need. They are designed to be completed in a team context to enable discussion and collaboration; however, they can also be completed individually if that is a better fit for the school context.

Module 1 - What works inside the gate

Module 2a - Strengthening high expectation

Module 2b - Refining quality systems and processes

Module 2c - Improving data use and practices

Module 2d - Applying effective interventions

Scout - Attendance Showcase SDD Term 3 2021

A webinar aimed at showcasing the power of Scout capabilities and data as well as highlighting recent updates to the Scout attendance reports.

Target audience: Principals, school leaders and staff leading improvements in attendance

Format: 45-minute recorded webinar

Available: Watch now using the link below

Scout - Exploring the attendance half-termly report

An overview of the recent updates to the Scout attendance reports and suggestions on how to apply these updates to inform and evaluate school improvement activities.

Target audience: Principals, school leaders and staff leading improvements in attendance.

Format: 30-minute recorded webinar

Scout - Attendance Showcase SDD Term 1 2021

This Intensive Showcase for SDD was recorded in January 2021. It features an overview of the updated School Dashboard followed by a guided tour through the Attendance reports with school-based scenarios.

Note, some content is similar to the Influencing Attendance Showcase.

Target audience: This will be useful for school leaders looking to understand and investigate their attendance data to support planning.

Format: 40-minute recorded webinar

Attendance Matters SDD Package

This learning package has been prepared as an optional resource for use on School Development Days. It may equally be useful for individual or team professional learning opportunities throughout the year.

Target audience: school-based staff, including teaching, school administration and support staff

Format: 15-minute video recording

Support: schools are encouraged to refer to the Attendance Matters resources and Scout Attendance & Engagement reports, as hightlighte in the video.

Other professional learning for school staff

Attendance process map and scenarios

An editable process map template and example attendance scenarios are available for use with school-based professional learning.

School staff can use this tool to discuss or plan their school attendance procedures in response to a scenario specific to their school context.

Available now

Scout training

A suite of learning resources is available for Scout users, catering to your level of experience and role, including:

Training and capability building: provides details about Scout user training modules. Note, all new users of Scout must complete the mandatory MyPL module (Scout Introduction - RG03295) to gain access to Scout.

Digital learning centre: provides resources to support self-paced online learning or as a refresher for experienced Scout users.

Scout Showcases: a series of webinars that showcase the power of Scout capabilities and data. You can register to join a live webinar session, or access recorded versions at a later date and time that suits.

Attendance Support Program professional learning

e-Learning modules for Attendance Support Program personnel

A series of five modules designed to incorporate the characteristics of effective professional learning to positively impact teacher practice and student outcomes. These modules are to be completed for accreditation purposes for personnel within Attendance Support Program.

Target audience: Attendance Support Program personnel only

Format: individual, self-paced e-learning module

Support: refer to Supporting Student Attendance Guidelines 2011.

Available: now.

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