Physical wellbeing strategies

Physical wellbeing is associated with the extent to which we feel physically safe and healthy. It includes: physical activity, nutrition, physical safety and security, and preventative health care. Physical wellbeing enables positive health outcomes.

Promoting physical activity

  • Promote and facilitate walking or riding bikes to school
  • Provide structural enablers at school such as secure bike racks or lock-up areas for bicycles
  • Support active play during recess / lunch / before school by providing sport equipment
  • Create and promote co-curricular activities
  • Movement breaks in all classes. Keep these short and manageable, 2-5 minutes each

Creating a safe environment

  • Risk assessments communicated to staff and students in advance
  • No soft drink machines
  • Bubblers installed and regularly maintained
  • Visible and active playground supervision by teachers
  • Soap and hand sanitiser being available for students and staff

Good nutrition and sleep

  • Breakfast clubs
  • Parent information nights
  • Student made posters around the school
  • Classroom debates about nutrition and sleep
  • School gardens – students grow fresh herbs and vegetables; learn about nature, nutrition and health; while developing a sense of ownership of the health promotion initiative
  • Healthy school canteen – students learn to choose healthy options; canteens follow Healthy Canteen Policy
  • Co-ordinated, cross-curricular approach using a deliberate focus on promotion of healthy eating habits

Whole school approach

  • Live Life Well @ School assists primary schools to develop whole-school strategies that support physical activity and healthy eating
  • The Department's Road Safety Education Program encourages primary and secondary schools to develop a whole school approach to road safety by:
    • improving quality teaching of the curriculum
    • creating and maintaing a supportive culture, environment and policy
    • engaging and liaising with parents, carers and the school community


  • Student management and wellbeing


  • Wellbeing

Business Unit:

  • Inclusion and Wellbeing
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