Promoting a healthy canteen

Learn how to promote and communicate healthier menu choices at your school canteen, including what's required and posters you can use.

Marketing and promoting the healthier canteen menu choices (Everyday foods and drinks only) helps them stand out and sell well.

Learn about what's included in 'Everyday foods and drinks'.

In the context of promotion and marketing, the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy requires that:

  • Everyday items only are promoted in the canteen. For example, in meal or snack deals and daily/weekly specials.
  • Everyday items only are placed on the counter tops and at the front of displays (in over-the-counter canteens).
  • Everyday items are in the most visible position in drinks fridges and on shelves.
  • Everyday items only are promoted in advertising and via commercial branding on signage and displays in and around

Example: This Canteen Lookbook shows how five NSW schools have used marketing and promotion to increase sales of the healthier food and drink choices in their canteen.


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