Schools supporting flexible professional experience placements in 2024

Employment of conditionally accredited teachers in their final year of study

With the significant increase in Conditionally Accredited teachers working during their final year of study, schools and teachers are seeking advice on what options there are to complete their final professional experience placement as a paid placement within the school they are working regularly. There is increased scope for this arrangement to be accommodated in 2024 but it needs to be assessed on a case by case basis directly with the student’s university. Further details are outlined below.

Employment of conditionally accredited teachers in their final year of university study.

NESA, as the registration authority for initial teacher education providers (ITEPs), has developed a flexible response to the requirements for professional experience to allow schools to employ conditionally accredited teachers who are still completing their final year of studies. This is in response to the challenging times for schools and ITEPs during Covid-19 and currently applies until the end of 2024.

ITEPs may apply to seek a waiver of Appendix B of the NESA Professional Experience Policy where final year teacher education students, who have been granted conditional accreditation, are currently employed to teach in a particular school and in accordance with Appendix B would be expected to undertake the placement at another school. This waiver may be applied if a Principal supports their retention in the interests of curriculum continuity given the current disruptive circumstances experienced by many schools.

This is an arrangement between placement schools and the ITEPs. If a pre-service teacher has a temporary engagement at a school and the pre-service teachers ITEP has determined that this meets the conditions required by NESA, the ITEPs will contact the principal to sign the “Application of a Waiver of Appendix B of the NESA PEX Policy”.

Some principles for the employment of Conditionally Accredited teachers

ITEPs have raised concerns that the full time employment of conditionally accredited pre-service teachers may impact the completion of their studies as well as their well-being.

The final professional experience placement includes a national mandatory requirement for pre-service teachers to complete a Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA). This TPA must be passed as a condition of graduation. To address these concerns, the “Principles for the employment of Conditionally Accredited Teachers” have been collaboratively developed through a working group with representatives from all Sectors, the NSW Council of Deans of Education, the Primary and Secondary Principal Associations and NESA.

Seeking further advice

If principals have any questions about a particular conditionally accredited pre-service teacher and their arrangements, they should contact their ITEP directly to discuss. The Department’s Teacher Education Partnerships team can provide general advice but the decision to grant flexibility with regards to a PEX placement is governed by a conditionally accredited teacher meeting the requirements for a waiver of Appendix B of the NESA Professional Experience Policy; and is managed and administered directly by ITEPs.

Vaccination guidelines

From 9 October 2023, all department employees are no longer required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or hold a valid medical contraindication as a condition of employment.

NSW Department of Education staff working in hospital schools and Juvenile Justice Centre schools will be required to comply with the highest order requirement for vaccination as determined by NSW Health and Department of Communities and Justice respectively.

Further information can be found at: COVID-smart operational settings for schools in Term 4 (


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