Induction for supervising teachers

Induction is a process in which a pre-service teacher is introduced to their new school and the Department of Education. It includes the provision of all essential information necessary for them to be successful in their placement, and easily navigate the department.

Induction at the department ensures all pre-service teachers:

  • Are provided with a consistent and supportive induction experience, regardless of location
  • are oriented into the culture, and understand the departmental supports available
  • understand Our Plan for NSW Public Education and the role they play in achieving this
  • are provided with the foundational skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in their placement
  • have increased ease in which they can access and complete mandatory training and pre-commencement requirements to support legislative requirements
  • have access to, and know where to find key policies, procedures and guidelines, and
  • are provided with prompt, centralised access to induction information, allowing them to put students as the centre of their decision making sooner.

Classroom Induction

The supervising teacher should offer a thorough induction into the classroom that covers aspects such as

  • Student learning needs
  • Class profile
  • Resources
  • Expectations and routines
  • Programming, assessment and reporting
  • Technology/Printing/photocopying.

School Induction

In addition to the classroom induction, the Professional Experience Coordinator, supervising teacher or another staff member may give a school site induction that includes evacuation, Health & Safety and general information.

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