Submission tips and videos

Nominating someone for the awards can be daunting. Our short videos and submission tips will help guide you through the process.

Why nominate someone?

If the person you nominate wins their award category, your organisation – be it a school, RTO or business enterprise – will gain invaluable exposure in the broader NSW VET community.

If the person goes on to win at the Australian Training Awards, your organisation will gain invaluable national exposure.

Watch our short informational videos

The short videos below will assist you to navigate the nomination process.

What is the NSW Training Awards?
What makes a good VET Ambassador?

How can an individual apply for the NSW Training Awards?
How do you submit a nomination for the NSW Training Awards?

Why is it important to communicate with an applicant when you nominate them for the NSW Training Awards?
Benefits of nominating an individual for the NSW Training Awards

What supporting attachments should be included in your NSW Training Awards nomination?
How has VET helped you in your everyday life

How to apply for the VET Trainer-Teacher award category
Can you apply twice for the NSW Training Awards?

How can you demonstrate leadership skills in your application?
What is the process for the Individuals who are shortlisted for an interview?

When talking about your Career and Study achievements under Criterion 1
Criterion 2 - Team and communication skills

Leadership examples under Criterion 3
Criterion 4 - Other qualities and pursuits

When applying for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander category, you will be asked about you connection to community
How do you apply for an organisation award?

An important element of the program is how as a winner you would utilise social media to promote VET and connect with students
How to find the selection criteria and additional information about the NSW Training Awards

Submission Tips

Review the eligibility and selection criteria for the award category you wish to be nominated for, or that you wish to apply for. Criteria questions can also be accessed in each PDF.


  • Keep your writing clear and simple, dot points are acceptable.
  • Prepare your responses to the selection criteria and save in Word doc (or equivalent) before copying into the appropriate sections of the online application.
  • If you decide to attach a supporting file, ensure you refer to it in your application.
  • Give practical examples and avoid vague generalisations; if you make a general statement such as, "I have an understanding of industry trends", you need to give some evidence.
  • Don't exceed the maximum word limit specific to your category on the application.
  • Nominators, there is only one login. To obtain your nominee’s responses we suggest you send them the questions and have them email them back to you. Please copy and paste their answers into the portal.

If you have further questions please visit our FAQs page or send us your enquiry at email:

Supporting attachments

Please pay close attention to the page number limit for your award category on the application portal.

Individual award categories:

  • Qualification related information such as; early completion documents, completion certificate, transcripts or other documentation linking the qualification you have been nominated for (one of these is enough)
  • Awards and prizes: copies of any prize certificates or photos of trophies. Be sure to include these achievements in Criterion 1 – if applicable!
  • Resume: a copy of your resume (optional)
  • Reference or letter of support from your employer, trainer/teachers, community leader – etc (optional)
  • Workplace/training action photos: action photos of you in your workplace or training. See Photography brief for guidance and examples (optional).

Organisation award categories:

  • Logo: Organisation logo in high resolution EPS, TIFF, JPEG or PNG files in minimum 300 dpi
  • CEO/MD Endorsement: an endorsement letter from the Chief Executive Officer or Managing Director (or equivalent) of the organisation supporting the nomination.
  • Photographs: Organisation photographs to showcase the organisation or initiative. See the Photography brief for guidance and examples (optional).
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