Award winners

List of winners since 1998 in the Individual Awards categories.

Individual awards category

Apprentice of the Year

Year Name Occupation
2023 Caroline Morris Engineering - Mechanical Trade
2022 Lachlan Butler Engineering (Fabrication)
2021 Troy Harris Plumbing
2020 Joshua Nickl Retail Baking (Combined)
2019 Nelson Florimo Carpentry
2018 Michael Edwards Electrical (Electrician)
2017 Jordan Cahill Horticulture
2016 Courtney Harrison Automotive
2015 Brodie Oakes Engineering (Mechanical)
2014 Mark Hardy Electrical (Electrician)
2013 Morgan Clementson Baking
2012 William Peters Carpentry
2011 Brendon Hillsley Meat processing
2010 Garreth Robbs Cookery Western
2009 Gavin Press Electrical (Mechanic)
2008 Daniel Crisp Electrical (Mechanic)
2007 James Hipwell Carpentry and Joinery
2006 Karen Hourigan Electrical (Mechanic)
2005 Steven Anderson Retail Baking
2004 Eliza Taylor Commercial Cookery
2003 Naomi Cathcart Electrotechnology
2002 Aaron Carle Boat and Ship Building
2001 Nathan Gore Automotive Electrical
2000 Jaclyn Pope Graphic Pre-Press
1999 Matilda Jane McDonnell Butchery
1998 Rebecca Studer Commercial Cookery

Trainee of the Year

Year Name Category
2023 Bridie Searle Project Management Practice
2022 Mellanie Sutton Local Government (Health & Environment)
2021 Megan Cox Information Technology
2020 Emily Jones Library and Information Services
2019 Samuel Heffernan Sport and Recreation
2018 Tara Proberts-Roberts Civil Construction
2017 Madison Coelli Business Services
2016 Daniel Kelty Telecommunications
2015 Bethany Spoor Retail
2014 Joshua Lodge Laboratory Operations
2013 Ashlee Hodson Business Services
2012 David Failla Retail Management
2011 Renee Zacher Children's Services
2010 Gabriella Morona Rural Skills
2009 Jacqueline Vella Community Services
2008 Hannah Cubis Business
2007 Sarsha Woolnough Business
2006 Steel Adams Local Government
2005 Scott Greenow Transport & Distribution
2004 Jessica Lowe Business
2003 Di Dallinger Retail
2002 Paul McCabe Business
2001 Katrina Bradleey Children's Services
2000 Rachel Gully Business
1999 Kristy Williams Business
1998 Vinti Verma Financial Services

School Based Apprentice/Trainee of the Year

Year Name Category
2023 Molly Smith Health Services Assistance
2022 Tahli Gleeson Agriculture
2021 Chelsea McInnes Hospitality
2020 Cassandra O'Carroll Conservation and Land Management
2019 Arcadia Meldrum Tourism
2018 Lucy Allen Health Services
2017 Mark Doughty Horticulture
2016 Tyrone Pynor Business Services
2015 Brenden Williamson Automotive
2014 Savannah De Oliveira Hairdressing
2013 Alexander Dagger Telecommunications
2012 Jessica Taggart Health Services
2011 Madeleine Leigh Cookery
2010 Alex Jones Community Services
2009 Telecia Wehlow Cookery
2008 Brenton Pearce Carpentry
2007 Rebecca Kenny Community Services

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year

Year Name Occupation
2023 Aaliyah Morley School Based Education Support
2022 Jade Barrington Business Services
2021 Adam Hansen Training and Assessment
2020 Janaya Millgate Early Childhood Education and Care
2019 Jemasin Joyce Business
2018 Tarnisha Winsor Business
2017 Donald Dundas Plumbing
2016 Leteah Mitchell Community Services
2015 Shaquille Robinson Training and Assessment
2014 Jameela Smith Community Services
2013 Markeeta Douglas Audiometry
2012 Pamela Glover Tourism
2011 Joshua Toomey Electrotechnology
2010 Russell Freeburn Retail
2009 Dasha Newington Aboriginal Studies
2008 Michael Donovan Engineering
2007 Shilo Barker Community Services
2006 Alison Burgess Business
2005 George Williams Counselling
2004 Scott Saunders Fitness
2003 Troy McGrath Business
2002 Dean McClelland Aboriginal Studies
2001 Jeremy Davis Fitter
2000 Kylie Morgan Business
1999 Cheryl Riley Film & Television
1998 Trevor Prior Engineering

Vocational Student of the Year

Year Name Occupation
2023 Tracie Wood Project Management
2022 Casey Fox Trainer
2021 Gabriella Adeline Patisserie
2020 Jon Frost Information Technology Support
2019 Christian Fritze Barbering
2018 Katayoon Karimodini Community Services
2017 Liam Muldoon Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis
2016 Francine Ikirezi Business Administration
2015 Sebastian Barkoczy Live Production, Theatre and Events
2014 David Bridge Meat Processing
2013 Tahnee Jamieson Children's Services
2012 Susan Jarrett Building Design
2011 Galit Segev Cookery
2010 Heidi Scher Training and Assessment
2009 Lisa Northam Community Services
2008 Jill Morris Community Services
2007 Tania Roberts Information Technology
2006 Craig Dearden Hospitality
2005 Sarah Talbot Veterinary Nursing
2004 Peter Strong Hospitality
2003 Richelle Ellis Textile
2002 Mark Savige Business
2001 Luke Montgomery Hospitality
2000 Louise Smith Business
1999 Nerida Templeton Hospitality
1998 Claudio di Bella Mechanical Engineering

NSW VET Trainer/Teacher of the Year

Year Name Field of Study
2023 Colin Taranto Timber System Design / Timber Frame or Truss Manufacture
2022 Clint Giddings Construction
2021 Erin Jacob Horticulture
2020 Megan Renwick Hospitality
2019 Sarah Ford Primary Industries - Agriculture
2018 Belinda Maudson Design
2017 Darek Figa Animal Conservation
2016 Donna Colombini Hairdressing
2015 Troy Everett Bricklaying
2014 Steven Atkins Hospitality
2013 Nicole Reay
2012 Kathryn Pye
2011 Robert Lawson

NSW VET in Schools Student of the Year

Year Name Industry
2023 Elizabeth King Health Services Assistance
2022 Stella Cox Health Services
2021 Ethan Zammit Live Production and Services
2020 Peyton Bennet Hospitality
2019 Kelsey Commons Live Production and Services
2018 Keiran Sullivan Agriculture
2017 Rose Cox Hospitality
2016 Erin Gray Live Production and Services
2015 Glen Weller Agriculture
2014 Keagan Size Agriculture
2013 Emma McIlwain Aeroskills
2012 Sam Hodder Land Management
2011 Benjamin Costa Government Services
2010 Bethany Hahesy Business Services
2009 William Littlefield Entertainment
2008 Benjamin Buchhorn Cookery
2007 Alexandra King Hospitality
2006 Katherine Bowler Primary Industries
2005 Kiera Dodds Automotive Services
2004 Katie Whitton Business Services
2003 Samantha Harvey Hospitality Operations
2002 Miranda Simpson Retail Operations
2001 Rebecca Heal Hospitality Operations
2000 Martin Sheather Electronics
1999 Melissa McGrath Rural Industries/Office Skills

Organisation awards category

Industry Collaboration Award

Year Employer
2023 Coates Hire and Local Government NSW
2022 Macquarie Employment Training Services, Disability Services Australia and The William Inglis Hotel
2021 Allambi Care and Bradford Institute of Advanced Education
2020 Fulton Hogan and Fusion Training Solutions Pre-employment program
2019 Hunter Valley Training Company and Services NSW Traineeship Program
2018 TAFE NSW & Central Coast Area Health District
2017 Skills4Trade and Pledge250
2016 TAFE NSW - Western Sydney Institute, Lendlease Barangaroo South and Lendlease Darling Harbour
2015 The Flagstaff Group
2014 Barangaroo Skills Exchange
2013 Australian Racing & Equine Academy
2012 AgriFood Skills Australia
2011 Octec Inc

Large Employer of the Year

Year Employer
2023 Transdev Australasia Pty Ltd
2022 Komatsu
2021 Peter Warren Automotive Holdings
2020 Fantastic Furniture
2019 John Holland CPB Ghella Joint Venture
2018 International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney)
2017 Shoalhaven City Council - Shoalhaven Water
2016 House with No Steps
2015 Richmond Valley Council
2014 Wyong Shire Council
2013 Qube Ports
2012 Milspec Manufacturing Pty Ltd
2011 Sydney Ferries
2010 O-I Sydney
2009 The Manildra Group
2008 Weir Minerals
2007 Bemax Resource Ltd
2006 Challenge Armidale
2005 Eurobodella Shire Council
2004 PMP Print
2003 ION Automotive Systems
2002 P&O Cold Logistics
2001 Datacom
2000 NSW Department of Housing
1999 Australian Electronic Manufacturing Services
1998 NRMA

Medium Employer of the Year

Year Employer
2021 BackTrack Works
2020 Hort Enterprises
2019 Obieco Industries
2018 North Construction and Building Pty Ltd
2016 Maritime Employees Training Limited

Small Employer of the Year

Year Employer
2023 Flow Smart Pty Ltd


Morgan Engineering

Training Provider of the Year

Year Employer
2021 Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta
2020 Public Schools NSW – Tamworth

Large Training Provider of the Year

Year Employer
2023 Enterprise & Training Company
2018 TAFE NSW - Sydney RTO, Design Centre Enmore
2017 BCA National Training Group Pty Ltd
2016 TAFE NSW - Open Training & Education Network
2015 VERTO Ltd
2014 TAFE NSW - Western Sydney Institute
2013 TAFE NSW - South Western Sydney Institute
2012 TAFE NSW - Riverina Institute
2011 TAFE NSW - New England Institute
2010 TAFE NSW - Western Sydney Institute
2009 TAFE NSW - Western Sydney Institute
2008 McDonalds
2007 TAFE NSW - Western Institute
2006 TAFE NSW - Western Institute
2005 TAFE NSW - North Coast Institute
2004 TAFE NSW - North Coast Institute
2003 TAFE NSW - Sydney Institute
2002 TAFE NSW - New England Institute
2001 TAFE NSW - Hunter Institute

Small Training Provider of the Year

Year Employer
2023 Fireground Pty Ltd
2022 Academy of Film, Theatre & Television
2019 Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta
2018 Vantage Automotive
2017 Learning Sphere Training Solutions
2016 Enterprise & Training Company Limited
2015 Learning Sphere Training Solutions
2014 Evolution Hospitality Institute
2013 Enterprise & Training Company
2012 Early Childhood Training and Resource Centre
2011 Equalis
2010 Western College
2009 Benchmark College
2008 Directions Australia Pty Ltd
2007 Early Childhood Training and Resource Centre
2006 Early Childhood Training and Resource Centre
2005 Enterprise and Training College
2004 Billy Blue Group
2003 Australasian College of Natural Therapies
2002 Pearsons Schools of Floristry
2001 International College of Tourism and Hotel Management

Special industry awards

Phil Darby Memorial Award - Encouragement Award for an Apprentice or Trainee

Year Name Industry
2019 Troy Ward Electrician
2018 Michelle Brown Visual Arts
2017 Carina Ardizzone Business Services
2016 Lubabalo Macikama Hospitality - Commercial Cookery
2015 Eh Ler Taw Engineering - Mechanical
2014 Daniel Brown Automotive Vehicle Body (Vehicle Painting)
2013 Monica Acosta Community Services
2012 Bradley Grove Engineering - Mechanical
2011 Harata Syme Engineering - Fabrication
2010 Nathan Watkins Food Processing - Retail Baking
2009 Matthew Russell Meat Processing
2008 Brendan Rule Carpentry & Joinery
2007 Wynetta Tennie Community Services - Aged Care Work
2006 Jamie Yea Plumbing, Gasfitting and Draining
2005 Kevin Spiteri Engineering (Mechanical)
2004 Brian Morriss Business Administration
2003 Deborah Wieck Community Services (Children's Services)
2002 Lucas Archer Fabrication Engineering

Women in Trades

Year Name Industry
2023 Celina Pellett Agriculture (Dairy Production)


Lucinda Shilcock

Electrotechnology - Electrician

Special Award for a Woman in a Non-Traditional Trade or Vocation

Year Name Industry
2021 Althea Kruizinga Electrotechnology - Electrician
2020 Georgia Foley Electrotechnology - Electrician
2019 Karyn Downs ESI - Power Systems - Distribution Overhead
2018 Tayla Constable Agriculture
2017 Helene Mortlock Carpentry
2016 Nicole Otte Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Avionics)
2015 Nicole Paxman Automotive Mechanical Technology (Light Vehicle)
2014 Amba Groeneveld Stonemasonry
2013 Courtney Harrison Automotive Mechanical Technology (Light Vehicle)
2012 Sophie Cleland Aircraft Maintenance
2012 Shelley Blanchard Electrotechnology

Encouragement Award

Year Name Category
2022 Jonathon O’Connor Hospitality – Commercial Cookery
2021 Rhiannan McDonald Individual Support

People's Choice Awards

Apprentice of the Year

Year Name Industry
2021 Benjamin Lye Parks and Gardens
2020 Joshua Nickl Retail Baking (Combined)

Trainee of the Year

Year Name Industry
2021 Jack Ackling Rural Operations
2020 Reece Oldfield Surface Extraction Operations

School Based Apprentice/Trainee of the Year

Year Name Industry
2021 Tyler Pockran Commercial Cookery
2020 Theodore Scholl Warehousing Operations

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year

Year Name Industry
2021 Maddison Peisley Business Administration
2020 Raymond Steadman Early Childhood Education and Care


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