Central and Northern Sydney Region

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2022 Central and Northern Sydney Region Training Awards Winners

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year

Matthew Cook
Qualification: Certificate II in Horticulture
Trained by: Fusion Training Solutions
Employed by: Waverly Council

Apprentice of the Year

Sacha Willesee
Qualification: Certificate III in Carpentry
Trained by: TAFE NSW
Employed by: Keith Root Building Services Pty Ltd

School Based Apprentice/Trainee of the Year

Olivia Townsend
Qualification: Certificate III in Aquatics and Community Recreation
School: Willoughby Girls School
Trained by: TAFE NSW
Employed by: Leisure Employment Australia Pty Ltd

Trainee of the Year

Harvey Billingham
Qualification: Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
Trained by: Kool Kids Training College Pty Ltd
Employed by: Only About Children Pty Ltd

VET in Schools Student of the Year

Nathan Turner
Qualification: Certificate III in Tourism
School: International Grammer School
Trained by: TAFE NSW

VET Trainer/Teacher of the Year

Courtney McNally
Employed by: Sydney Catholic Schools

Vocational Student of the Year

Holly Boulter
Qualification: Diploma of Event Management
Trained by: TAFE NSW

About the committee

The Central and Northern Sydney (Bay2Bay) region represents the area between Broken Bay in the north, to Botany Bay in the south, and the Hills District to the west.

The Bay2Bay VET Promotional Committee Inc represents Central & Northern Sydney region’s profile, which is a very diverse community that is always taking up the challenges of emerging and changing industry. There is a strong representation from new entrant traineeships, apprenticeships and vocational qualifications in the Central & Northern Sydney region.

The Committee structure consists of volunteer members from stakeholders across all areas of vocational education & training sector such as Training Services NSW, Group Training Organisations, ITABs, Schools, Apprenticeship Network Providers and VET Ambassadors.

The Committee objectives include:

  • Promoting the benefits of undertaking vocational education and training
  • Promoting quality VET outcomes through promotional events and media
  • Encouraging and supporting local VET students such as Apprentices, Trainees, School Based Students, VET in School Students, Vocational Students and Teacher/Trainers and their employers to participate in NSW Training Awards
  • Recognising the outstanding work and achievements of local VET students, Training Providers and Organisations across the Central & Northern Sydney (Bay2Bay) region
  • Delivering a successful Regional Training Awards Event to showcase the skills and talent that exists within the VET sector
  • Providing guidance and support for Central and Northern Sydney Regional Training Awards winners progressing to NSW Training Awards

Award winners for each individual category are announced at an annual Regional Awards ceremony. Regional winners then progress to the next level where they are invited to be interviewed for NSW Training Awards.

In 2020, four of Central & Northern Sydney Regional winners were selected as NSW Finalists:

  • Janaya Millgate*
    Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year
  • Leann Reyes
    Apprentice of the Year
  • Renee Rizzardo
    Trainee of the Year
  • Donna Fisher
    Vocational Student of the Year

*Janaya Millgate was chosen as 2020 NSW Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year and went on to represent NSW at the Australian Training Awards in November 2020.

Postcodes covered by this region include:

  • 2000-2019
  • 2021-2037
  • 2042-2044
  • 2048-2050
  • 2052-2114
  • 2119-2122
  • 2126
  • 2159
  • 2204

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Committee members

Name Organisation

Derek Hennessy

Training Services NSW

Michelle Heuving (Regional Representative)

Training Services NSW

Max Wilson (President)


Katie Cook-Pearce (Vice President)

TABMA Australia

Charlene Fox


George Carpinato

TABMA Australia

Carol Amorim

Catholic Education Office

Maddison Camilleri (VET Ambassador)

SCP Consulting

Contact details

For more information about the Bay2Bay VET Promotional Committee or the Central & Northern Sydney Regional Training Awards, please contact:
Michelle Heuving
Training Coordinator
E: Michelle.heuving@det.nsw.edu.au
M: 0477 393 218

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