Want to know what a NSW Training Award could do for you?

Hear from our past winners and finalists on their experience.

Tarnisha Winsor

2018 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year

"After being announced as the Winner for Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander of the Year in 2018, I have pushed myself to learn a brand-new skillset through VET. I have learned great communication skills and winning the Award has given me the opportunity to study a Certificate in Business Operations and Manufacturing. I have also been offered the opportunity to become a VET Ambassador, promoting VET Pathways to my peers and my community."

Theodore Scholl

2020 People's Choice Winner in the School-based Apprenticeship/Traineeship Student of the Year

"Since becoming a NSW Training Awards Ambassador, my career has flourished. I have gone on to work in different industries and fields. My proudest achievements by far are being recognised as a finalist and when I secured work with Service NSW, which is a credit to the transferable skills I learned during my School Based Apprenticeship/Traineeship".

"This experience has given me a chance to meet new friends who have become a family of encouragement and support".

Erin Jacob

2021 VET Trainer/Teacher of the Year

"Winning the award has given me self-confidence and courage, which has made such a positive difference in my professional and personal life. I have networked with so many peers who also share similar passions and goals to mine which is so exciting. I have considered these peers of mine to be life-long friends because they continue to support my journey in VET."

Clint Giddings

2022 VET Trainer/Teacher of the Year

"The Training Awards program provided me with the realisation that the positive impact we have on our students goes far beyond just employment outcomes. Dedicated VET teachers develop students’ self-esteem, model constructive workplace relationships, provide support and assurance that failure is part of the improvement cycle. This guidance does lead to greater employment outcomes, but more importantly has a significant positive impact on their life decisions and successes.

Being recognised by the Training Awards has opened the doors to many opportunities for me to share my story across all parts of NSW. I have been able to impact students and future VET teachers on the benefits of VET pathways through these VET endorsement opportunities."

Brendon Cooper

2022 VET in Schools Student of the Year - Illawarra and Southeast NSW Region

"Thanks to the VET course I chose to complete at school, I have been able to fast track my career within the carpentry industry by giving myself the opportunity to turn a 4-year apprenticeship into 3 years and 6 months by already having the knowledge of what is learned during the first 6 months at TAFE.

From becoming the 2022 VET in Schools Student of the Year for the Illawarra and Southeast NSW Region, I have been able to network with many different major Australian businesses and score some great opportunities for work later in life. From this award I am now a NSW Training Awards Ambassador and have to opportunity to go around to different schools and tell the students my story, the passions I have and how they can also get the same opportunities as me."

Sophia De Vries

2022 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year - Western NSW Region

"The NSW Training Awards have unlocked numerous exciting new opportunities. Being surrounded by like-minded ambassadors has truly been an amazing experience. The NSW Training Awards have ignited my journey towards a fulfilling career path, dedicated to supporting others on a similar journey."


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