Interview preparation video series

Welcome to the professional development video series.

These videos will assist individual candidates to prepare for their NSW Training Awards interviews.

The interview process can be daunting, so we created these videos to equip shortlisted candidates with the necessary tools to shine in the interview process and be their best selves.

Topics include everything from settling nerves and bringing energy to the interview, to storytelling and communication skills, and even overcoming imposter syndrome.

Watch the tips and tricks video to learn how to stand out from the crowd and impress the interview panel.

We recommend you watch the videos in sequence to ensure the best outcome possible.

Welcome to the NSW Training Awards.

Eduardo Carrera - NSW Training Awards Program Manager

Welcome to the NSW Training Awards. If you’re watching this it means you made it to the interview process, so congratulations. My name is Eduardo, and I’m the manager of the New South Wales Training Awards.

This video series will provide tips and recommendations based on evidence and real growth research to help you prepare for your New South Wales Training Awards interview. As daunting as the word “interview” is, please be aware that panel members want the best possible outcome for you and they will treat the interaction as a chat. Remember, no one knows your story better than you.

Each year we have been fortunate to attract many applicants who have inspiring stories. Individuals who truly embody what it is to thrive from vocational education and training.

In addition to the official criteria we’re also looking for a set of personal qualities in each of you that have set our previous winners apart from the rest. We’ll be talking about this in three of the videos in this series.

To help you stand out, make sure you demonstrate these personal qualities through your interview responses and in each of your interactions during the remainder of the selection process.

This series will also focus on storytelling, the STAR method, and why it is important to be aware of the so-called Imposter Syndrome. My top tip I would like to give you is to do your research. This means researching everything about the New South Wales training awards.

Take the time to learn about our objectives, values and goals and even success stories from our current ambassadors. This will not only show that you are interested and engaged, but it will also give you a better understanding of what the panel members are looking for.

Now, I would like to pass on to our professionals. Life Coach and Author, Tammi Kirkness, and Producer and Media Coach Amie Morris.

Lastly, believe in yourself. You made it this far and you are capable of achieving great things.

Best of luck.

Settling nerves and bringing energy to your interview.

Authenticity and communications skills.

Community minded and technical know how.

VET and changemaker.

What is storytelling?

The STAR method

Imposter syndrome

Interview tips and tricks
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