Student Results - Student Growth Across Bands

The Student Growth Across Bands report shows how the performance in bands of individual students in a school has changed from NAPLAN 3 to NAPLAN 9 (subject to availability of data).

How will this report benefit me?

This report provides a longitudinal view of NAPLAN performance in bands for students in a school.

What does the Student Growth Across Bands report provide?

This report presents information on:

Student Path Taken Through NAPLAN Bands

  • This Sankey diagram compares the bands that students achieved from NAPLAN 3 to NAPLAN 9.
  • Use this diagram to view student progress from one assessment to the next on a band-by-band basis.
  • Select a student in the Student slicer to filter the results to a single student. Note that a student will appear in the list if they sat the NAPLAN assessment at the selected school, in the selected Cohort Enrolment Year and Cohort Scholastic Year. For example, a student who sat the NAPLAN 3 assessment at Sky Public School in 2012 will appear in the list of students for Sky PS if the cohort enrolment year is set to 2012 and the cohort scholastic year is Year 3.
  • Note that the student’s NAPLAN results for other years will also be shown regardless of where the student sat the NAPLAN assessment.
  • If a student appears in the list but does not have data for an individual NAPLAN assessment in that year (e.g. NAPLAN 3 numeracy), this could mean that the student did not do that assessment for that year.

Use the following slicers to filter the data by each category:

Step 1: Select a group of students

  • Which school were they in?
  • Student Name?
  • Which year was it?
  • Which scholastic year?
  • Which assessment?
  • Which domain?

Step 2: Optionally, select a subset of students

  • A specific group type?
  • A specific group?
  • An enrolment type group?
  • A specific enrolment type?
  • Gender
  • Aboriginality - The term Aboriginality used in this data set refers to and includes both Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  In NSW the preferred term is Aboriginal, rather than Indigenous or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • EAL/D

How can I use the Student Growth Across Bands report support my school self-assessment?

  • Use the slicers to analyse longitudinal NAPLAN results for students including students who transferred into or out of your school.
  • Students’ NAPLAN results for other years are included even if they sat the NAPLAN assessment in a non-government school.

What should I look for?

  • Select a single student and clear the Growth Assessment slicer to view that student’s path through NAPLAN bands.
  • Select the whole cohort and a single growth assessment to view the cohort’s path from one assessment to the next.
  • The height of the band is a visual representation of the number of students who followed that path (e.g. from Band 3 to Band 5). Note that this is not to scale.
  • Hover over a path to view the actual number of students in the path.
  • The bands cannot be sorted (this is a report limitation).

Where does this data come from?


How frequently is data updated?


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