Student Results - NAPLAN 7 Results for your Year 6 Students

The NAPLAN 7 Results for your Year 6 Students report provides school staff with access to the NAPLAN 7 scores of current students, or current NAPLAN scores of their past students.

The report shows pattern of NAPLAN 7 scores of Year 6 students of the school for each NAPLAN domain for the last 10 years.

How will this report benefit me?

Knowledge of past students’ performance, especially over the transition period to secondary education, is crucial for planning effective teaching strategies. Ready access to the patterns of students’ NAPLAN 7 performance allows teachers to identify how their students perform in high school.

Knowledge of students’ future performance, for example, Year 7 results for a primary school’s Year 6 cohort, can also assist schools to review the success of their teaching practice with the cohort that has just left.

What does the NAPLAN 7 Results for your Year 6 Students report provide?

This report presents information on:

Student NAPLAN 7 Scaled Scores by Domain

  • This column chart compares the average scaled score of NAPLAN 7 for Year 6 students of the school for the last 10 years by each domain (Grammar & Punctuation, Numeracy, Reading, Spelling and Writing).

Use the slicers to select a cohort and filter the data for further analysis:

Step 1: Select a group of students

  • Which school were they in?
  • A specific group type?
  • A specific group?
  • An enrolment type?
  • A specific enrolment type?

Step 2: Optionally, select a subset of students

  • Aboriginality
  • Gender
  • EAL/D

How can I use this report to support teaching and learning at my school?

The report provides evidence for effective teaching strategies and allows assessment of the potential needs of individual students and their cohort to support learning. .

What should I look for?

Cohorts whose performance is markedly different from their peers, or whose performance in one domain of NAPLAN is greatly different for the other domains or a year on year pattern of their performance in each domain. Such patterns can act as an evidence to help teaching staff identify effective teaching strategies that work.

Where does this data come from?

NAPLAN, Student Enrolments.

How frequently is data updated?


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